Ranieri International Cayman 23.0 Sport – Seven meters of fun

Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport RIB 7m is perfect for quality family time and high-performance sports, no matter what you’re in to, whether beaching, watersports, offshore cruising, or taking friends for a trip down the creek to your favourite waterside restaurant, the 23S ticks all the boxes.

Featuring an overall length of around 7 meters and a maximum width of almost three, the 23.0 Sport is a definitively spacious registration-free boat, capable of accommodating up to 16 people.

The boat features two sundecks: one in the bow, the other in the comfortable living area when the stern backrest is lowered. A tilting table, positioned behind the stand-up console, makes the stay on board even more convivial.

The central section of the deck houses a large helm station, protected by a small windscreen with a stainless steel handrail, which we are certain we will grab in a few minutes, as soon as the pilot will push the throttle forward.

The pilot seat consists of two boolster armchairs with eveloping arms, usable as comfortable lumbar supports when driving standing. The double seat is comfortable (one of the novelties of this Ranieri International inflatable boat), with the option of being able to choose the driving position, while the dashboard is as simple as it is rational, whose furniture is entrusted to the plotter and engine monitors.

You can see the vessel in stock at the Slovenian distributor, the company MOTO-NAUTIKA. The boat is available immediately, with additional equipment.
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Contact: Moto-Nautika

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