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This is a new motorcycle in Yamaha’s Sport Heritage product line, which boasts top specifications, including LED lights and LCD gauges used on the XSR700 and XSR900 high-performance models, as well as a lightweight Deltabox frame and USD front forks, which provides a confident and comfortable driving experience.

The new XSR125 is mainly part of Yamaha’s unique Faster Sons style project, which includes a full package of clothing and accessories to suit your style. This is a guarantee for more fun and freedom and preparation for the realization of your desires.

You don’t have to be a motorcyclist to ride the XSR125. Its lightweight design is specially developed for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle. And if – like many others – you are looking for alternative ways to travel, the new Yamaha model can offer you everything you want.


With the best design features from Yamaha’s history, the XSR700 is a tribute to the past, while also representing the motorcycle of the future.
The state-of-the-art 2-cylinder unit with a volume of 689 cm3, compliant with the EU5 standard, is distinguished by its special philosophy of a shaft with a lag, which enables even torque for exceptional accelerations. The retro-style XSR700 is equipped with a narrow and light chassis that further enhances exceptional agility and handling. With exceptional torque and a superior swivel chassis, this is a model for those who value heritage and enjoy the ride.


The YS125 will impress you with exceptional fuel autonomy and a sleek look. When you experience a relaxed position while driving, you will know that this lightweight motorcycle for everyday driving is a smart choice for your lifestyle. Powerful suspension and 18-inch wheels provide easy handling and easy steering, and the 14-liter fuel tank allows for plenty of driving during refueling stops. Over the past 10 years, the Yamaha YBR125 has improved the lives of more than 150,000 people. Their latest range for city driving now includes the new YS125 – a motorcycle for everyday driving with the autonomy, reliability, style, and value you want.


The high-volume, EU-compliant 889cc CP3 generates higher torque levels at lower revs per minute, giving you more explosive acceleration and greater road performance. The high-tech 6-axis IMU manages the best electronic aids for the driver, giving you complete control. The QSS system, on the other hand, allows you to shift extremely quickly into higher gears and shift more stably into lower gears.

The new model has a compact aluminum chassis and adjustable suspension and extremely light wheels for superior handling. Double 298 mm front disc brakes with radial master cylinder allow manual operation. The radical look of the new generation and the design with a completely open chassis confirm that the MT-09 is the best model in the Hyper Naked class.

Contact: Yamaha Barel Srbija, Yamaha Plattner Srbija, Yamaha Montenegro

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