YAM boats – Great way to have fun on the water


YAM 275S, YAM 310S, YAM 340S, YAM 380S

Due to their smart and elegant design, these powerful and sporty dinghies are excellent as auxiliary vessels on larger boats, whether they are sailboats or cruise ships. These boats – from the smallest model 275S to the high-performance 380S – are easy to operate and designed for more serious work. So if you are looking for a boat that is easy to steer and can easily cope with family adventures – pulling rings and other accessories for fun on the water – but is equally suitable for stable fishing, diving, or as a workboat, then YAM Sport is perfect for you. Jump into the YAM model and join the thousands of satisfied owners cruising around ports, marinas, and across European inland waters. YAM inflatables are renowned for their simple and elegant design, ease of use, and restored value for money, and provide their users with easier sailing and more fun.


YAM 200T, YAM 240T

The YAM 200T and YAM 240T are the best choices for sailing without major problems and with the least amount of effort. These small durable patrol boats are perfect for delivery tasks performed with smaller boats, but you can also use them for fun on the water. With a standard air pump, you can inflate or pack your boat in just a few minutes. You can easily roll up the ribbed bottom and you can store your YAM model in a storage cupboard, car trunk, or even at home in a cupboard. You can use powerful aluminum paddles with easily detachable hose couplings and durable forks, or install a Yamaha outboard motor or electric drive. These little sleek patrol boats will impress you in any case.

Sport Tender

YAM 240STi, YAM 275STi, YAM 310STi-V

Why not sail with the YAM STi, which will give you extra comfort on your adventures? This is mainly due to the inflatable double-walled bottom, which is especially firm and very comfortable for your feet. As with all YAM models, inflating, carrying, using, and storing STi models is very easy. The best performance is also ensured with Yamaha’s smallest outboard engine, and the handling is exceptional thanks to the excellent control and stability of the special inflatable shaft and V-shaped hull (310STi-V only). These models are equipped with solid D-shaped rings, lifelines, and a built-in fuel tank strap. The stern, coated with PVC material, is reinforced with a special support part for Yamaha outboard engines. You just have to enjoy it.

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