Did you know that a business uniform in Serbia appears for the first time with a captain of the river sailing? That doctors in the 18th century wore elegant suits? That the uniform in the post office of the Kingdom of Serbia was green? And how is it today …

Today, business uniforms are present at every step. In the first place, they raise brand awareness, improve employee productivity and increase their work ethic.

You must have had the opportunity to meet business uniforms everywhere – in your bank, hotel, favorite restaurant, spa, and even the sports team you support. Nowadays, when fashion changes in a second, business uniforms in the workplace are still important and unavoidable in any serious business organization.

The modern company pays special attention to the selection of well-designed and quality uniforms, looking for something that will make their staff look professional, work efficiently, and at the same time feel comfortable. Something that will set them apart from the rest.

The process of procuring business uniforms has long gone beyond choosing pants, jackets, blouses, shirts, and other accessories that complement them. Today, it is a relieving tendency to find it all in one place and thus save time, and thus money.

NAG has been present on the market of Serbia and the region for more than 15 years, holding the position of a leader in the field of design, production, and distribution of business uniforms. The quality and way of doing business enabled them to enter the European market, primarily Switzerland, Germany, and the market of the region: Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia.

Following the world trends in its field, the quality and availability of materials are at the top of priorities at NAG. As we are all aware of the fact that the modern business world, the world of lightning changes, and frequent employee turnover, this company initially guarantees the availability of selected material in the period of cooperation, which means that it can not happen that when completing or ordering new uniforms material employees is not the same as during the first procurement. That definitely sets them apart from others. For this reason, NAG operates on the principle of providing material storage and protection of the designed model for each company individually.

Whether it is about formal or “casual” uniforms, NAG brings three directions to the regional market in style and manner of production: standard uniforms, custom-made uniforms, and designer uniforms.

“The standard uniform is the basic uniform. This style of uniform must be available to the client at all times, so that we are able to deliver in a short time, in just a few days. The second type is the uniform on demand, which, to a lesser extent, deviates from the standard one in terms of details and colors, but also with the minimal corrections allowed by the basic model. The third direction is the designer uniform – specially designed for a specific client, in accordance with the technical capabilities and performance of the selected material. She is definitely the best way to stand out from the rest.”

Aleksandra Popović, the director of NAG company

Every detail, even the smallest ones, is important in the business style of employees because uniforms play an important role in creating a long-term impression. As a representative of the company he works for, employees will be at the forefront of customer interaction. Uniforms tailored to the position of each member of the business team play an important role in gaining the trust of clients and help to generate positive results to a great extent.

By clearly defining deadlines, respecting the client’s requirements in the part related to the design, material, and performance of uniforms, NAG brings another novelty to the uniform market in Serbia in B2B business. It is a NAG VIP application that greatly facilitates the entire ordering process. Based on the parameters, through this application, you can track the ordering, procurement flow, control costs, and plan cooperation a few months in advance.

Your company’s uniforms are a reflection of your business. By choosing the right set and elements of the uniform, you leave customers the best impression of your company. NAG offers a wide range of uniforms for different industries and so do not miss the opportunity to leave the design and production to them, because over a decade and a half they dictate trends and set standards in the world of business uniforms in the region.

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