Cranchi M44 HT – An Ideal Match

Challenging the wind, the waves, and their own imagination, the Cranchi shipyard created one of its most popular vessels, the sports cruiser M44 HT. The secret behind successful sales of this luxurious yacht is simple – sophisticated design and functionality are skillfully combined with excellent sailing performance and low fuel consumption.

Dynamic hull lines and sculpted surfaces with subtle details give this yacht a modern and strong visual identity. In a nautical sense, beauty is worth the effort only if it is useful, and the M44 HT is a true example of this perfect combination. It is equipped with only two engines of 400 hp each, which creates additional space, but not at the expense of power. The M44 HT decisively cuts the water by gliding along, while the hull lines give the impression of speed, even while anchored. Additional visual charm is achieved by a modern hardtop that provides a pleasant planning experience despite the wind and the sun.

The sporty attitude of this yacht is expressed in the navigation area, which consists of the most modern combination of analog instruments and digital screens. Sports style does not diminish hedonistic comfort. On the main deck, there is plenty of space for priceless moments of relaxation and enjoying the panoramic view.

With the recent makeover, Christian Grande has enhanced the elegance of the interior space with contemporary, functional, and attractive elements. Now at the heart of the vessel is a proper kitchen, which rightly deserves the name. The space is abundant in natural light, but what impresses the most is the efficient use of the space. M44 HT has two rooms, a bathroom, and a large number of closets because Cranchi is a real champion when it comes to storage space. Skillfully hidden, but you will never lack it on this yacht.

The Cranchi M44 HT allows you to customize the design to your personal style. The Atelier personalization program allows you to choose special colors, upholstery, moldings, fabrics, and other elements with which you can enhance the attractive silhouette of this vessel with your personal touch.

Length overall: 13.82 m
Beam overall: 4.06 m
Displacement: 10,900 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 940 l
Water tank capacity: 300 l
Maximum engine power: 800 hp
Number of persons: 12

Contact: Goga Yachting Club

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