The Duchess brand used the ideal opportunity to create cult photos from fairytale Venice and take a campaign on the new luxury catamaran Lagoon 50, which was one of the most attractive boat models at the SALONE NAUTICO VENEZIA 2021, the first to take place this year. Thanks to the fact that the owner of the brand Snježana Mehun is also a PR of the Austrian company Master Yachting, it made their organization easier and the impossible became possible. The photos taken in front of this historical backdrop exceeded all expectations of the organizers, hundreds of years ago some other fashion icons of the baroness and countess walked here and this incredible spirit of the city that was a forerunner in cultural, artistic, and fashion sense is felt today.

A perfect summer day in front of the legendary Pizazza San Marco was a great campaign background for the new collection whose face is the leading Croatian model and influencer Elena Dizdar, who simply hovered in this cult location the dream of all Influnsers where these wonderful photos by fashion photographer Zvonimir Ferina were taken.

Attractive models could not resist this special occasion that happens once in a lifetime, nor Snježana, who herself jumped into some models from the new collection, for which she commented that it is a special challenge because they are all fashion models. The campaign is also an announcement for a fashion show that will be held on June 17, 2021, in Zagreb at the attractive location of Marulićeva Square in front of the State Archives.

“It is really difficult to find new locations from year to year that has not been used for fashion events so it is a big challenge for us every year, especially after the Zagreb Fountain, Dverca Palace, Jazz Club, MSU, Split, Zagreb Spitz, with which we tried to raise high rankings and thus meet the expectations of our customers, clients, sponsors, and the media. We believe that a fashion show as a living form of an event is very difficult to replace with online versions of events because people are really eager for real socializing, communication, and memories that remain after such an event and big hype on social media networks. We hope you will enjoy our fashion spectacle and new models as much as we enjoy creating a new collection. Fashion must live without fashion, we are just passers-by in time! ”

Snježana and Antun Tin Brišar from Duchess team

The new collection was created completely organically. Since we went for the materials during the lockdown, we didn’t know what would be waiting for us in Italy. We chose the materials spontaneously, always paying attention to their quality and being in line with our brand. The cuts imposed themselves in accordance with the material. In the end, a collection was created that is full of colors and patterns. In each collection, you can find a model of a fold-over dress with a certain departure from previous models, a silk shirt with a classic cut of various colors and patterns, which are especially hidden by details such as cuffs, collars, or buttons. There are also dresses with a classic cut, on which playing with folds and the pattern itself appears as an accent. Many pieces from the collection can be worn in several ways. You can adapt almost any dress or tunic to your body shape by adding a belt, playing with buttons, or some other fashion accessory which has been our philosophy to be accessible and wearable to our customers since the very beginning of the brand and is part of our fashion philosophy and slogan.

Contact: Duchess

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