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Wolverine® RMAX ™ 2 1000

This special edition of the all-new Wolverine® RMAX ™ 2 1000 is ready to exceed your expectations with its 999 cm3 engine, unique D-Mode function with Sport, Trail, and Crawl modes, Yamaha’s exclusive Ultramatic® transmission, factory-fitted WARN winch, and aggressive Maxxis Car tires. This model follows their “Jin-Ki Kanno” development philosophy – which in Japanese means “real excitement at being one with the device”. The result is a super-powerful off-road vehicle in which both the driver and passenger feel confident that they will master even the toughest terrain.

D’elight scooter

The latest D’elight scooter offers a fresh and new unisex look and much more! This is the lightest scooter for city driving, which ensures a more pleasant ride and easier maneuvering – and due to its compact dimensions, it is perfect for breaking through traffic jams. Its quiet and economical 125cc unit now provides an automatic Stop & Start function for fewer emissions and a cleaner environment, and you can stow a helmet in the storage space under the double seat. The Yamaha brand means that reliability is guaranteed, and with an extremely competitive price, the new D’elight is the perfect choice in all respects.

Tricity 300

The Tricity 300 will definitely change your life. This tricycle offers a new sense of stability and confidence and as it is the lightest and most elegant model in its class, it is certainly the smartest choice for city driving. And the good news is that you can drive it with a category B driving test! The economical Blue Core EURO5 engine with a capacity of 300 cm3 offers a lot of power for driving long distances on the highway. Thanks to powerful torque and smooth acceleration, this is the smartest and fastest choice for city driving.

XSR700 XTribute

With an iconic color scheme and a wide range of exclusive martial-style equipment, the XSR700 XTribute pays homage to the XT and summarizes the basic features that excite and excite you about a motorcycle. Its special features include a flat seat in the style of the XT model and stock pedals, as well as off-road handlebars and fork bellows, which further emphasize the timeless style of the road warrior. The XSR700 XTribute with a powerful 689cc twin-cylinder engine and lightweight chassis with its power and technology makes a strong impression.

Contact: Yamaha Barel, Yamaha Plattner Srbija, Yamaha Montenegro

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