FUSION – Audio systems for water entertainment

Fusion is passionate about enhancing your time on the water. Their determination to continually innovate has brought the integration of touchscreens to marine stereos, along with Wi-Fi® audio streaming, Apple AirPlay® 2, PartyBusTM-Network, and advanced Digital Signal Processing.

With the launch of the award-winning ApolloTM Series and its many industries and world-first features and innovations, Fusion has yet again set a new benchmark for marine audio entertainment. A commitment to quality, high performance, and brilliant audio on the water – it’s what they do best. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Fusion is founded on New Zealand’s trademark “Kiwi” determination, ingenuity, and passion for life on the water.

The first-hand experience with the ocean and great outdoors has provided a solid understanding of what it really takes to be a successful marine entertainment manufacturer. It’s this experience and passion that are at the core of everything that they do. A Garmin brand since 2014, Fusion continues to grow from strength to strength, developing and delivering world-class marine audio entertainment systems that have become integral to excellent boating experiences all around the world. Fusion is committed to bringing you excellent on-water audio entertainment experiences.

Contact: Info Team

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