Some yacht owners use their yacht purely for leisure and pleasure. Others want more to it, they want to seek out the unexplored and experience their yacht cutting through the waves into the unknown. They’re looking for an exploration voyage.

The ULSTEIN X-BOW® is for the adventurous mind, who desires to venture outside the crowded areas, urging to experience more faraway places. The world’s first X-BOW yacht, Olivia O, was delivered by Ulstein Verft in 2018. Now, Ulstein reveals their latest design concepts in X-BOW yachting.
Seakeeping is an important feature in such yachts. Ulstein, established in 1917, has a long maritime history and its vessel designs have been developed to withstand the harshest conditions outside the coast of Norway.

The development of the ULSTEIN X-BOW® comes as a natural consequence of this. This design feature, firstly introduced in 2005, and taken in use on more than 100 vessels, mostly offshore vessels, has only recently been introduced to the cruise and yacht markets.

Photo Credits: Ulstein Group

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