Sichterman Yachts announces collaboration of the Libertas 15M together with award-winning interior designer Eric Kuster

Monte Carlo, March 10th 2021– for immediately publication 

Dutch boutique yacht builder Sichterman Yachts, known for its exclusive aluminum yachts from 15 up to 26 meters, is proud to announce a collaboration for the Libertas 15M with international interior designer Eric Kuster. 

The word that best describes the Libertas is versatile. The immaculate vessel is equipped with everything needed for a delightful day out on the water, exploring long stretches of coast at speeds up to 40 knots. It’s also a perfect and trustworthy limousine tender that takes its owners into port when they have anchored their superyacht off the coast. 

Eric Kuster: 

Living at sea is the ultimate feeling of freedom. Sailing on a Sichterman means the ultimate feeling of metropolitan luxury. By using a blend of classic and modern elements, combined with a unique color set and the finest materials, we’ve created an even more attractive variant of this fine vessel. 

‘Together with Eric Kuster, we’re adding a great new member to the Sichterman fleet. I have always been a big fan of Eric and his team and I’m extremely proud that we can join forces in creating this special edition of the Libertas 15M.’ 

Sichterman’s General Director Bart Rehe

As the result of a smart building process, Sichterman is able to reduce the construction time for their aluminum yachts up to 6 months compared to its competitors, guaranteeing the delivery of a yacht within 7 months. 

‘Adding the fact that these vessels are priced starting at 1,795 million Euros, we are confident that the Libertas 15M Eric Kuster edition is a true winner within the market. Together with the Libertas 15M, the current range includes the Felicitatem 20M, and this season we will be adding another great concept to our fleet’. 

Sichterman’s General Director Bart Rehe

Sichterman builds its fleet in the Netherlands and sells yachts across the Mediterranean market. However, the growing interest in these vessels is expanding across the globe. Sichterman Yachts operates from Monaco and is part of the Billie Lucky Group of companies. 

Press contact: Sichterman Yachts

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