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What was previously only possible for multi-engine vessels, helm Master EX now also delivers for single outboard Yamaha engines with digital electronic control. Forget the annoying moments when you had difficulty running the vessel in narrower areas with a heavy steering wheel, as the use of the joystick does not require absolutely any effort.

Yamaha’s new autopilot brings many advantages that offer you the possibility of relaxing while the engines are on their own at work. It is part of a mandatory installation for the full Helm Master EX system and includes a small panel on the console, a direction sensor console, an accurate antenna for GPS and a control unit. It provides a number of handy features for controlling and using the vessel, such as keeping the course: it maintains course with precise adjustments right up to full autopilot operation, with your craft automatically remaining on the GPS-defined route so that your route runs smoothly and completely easily. It is now possible to add superior Yamaha digital electrical control (DES) for use in one or four outboard engines with digital electronic control. This not only brings a more spacious steering area without traditional steering pumps, pipes and cables, but the electric triggers are also extremely quiet and fast, while consuming even less energy from the batteries than hydraulic power steering would, so your experience of using it will be enjoyable.

The wide range of display options included in the new Helm Master EX system represent a brand new cl5 color touchscreen, a CL7 all in-one display and a dedicated connectivity interface. All this allows you to operate your vessel in style in a complete and carefree way. Helm Master EX is extracted to the smallest of the details, including electronic switches and a napive smart key that enable automatic system recognition and management in a smart and easy way. New panels with backlight switches allow for space saving, use by pressing buttons and a modern look. These new panels save important space on the dashboard that you can devote to the tool, and elegant design makes it perfect fi t for the look of modern vessels.

Yamaha has once again taken marine technology to the next level, with the industry-first and game changing Yamaha Helm Master EX boat control system. Helm Master EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely maneuver your craft to exactly where and how you want it.

Twist or apply pressure to the joystick in a given direction and the engines respond instantly, with thrust that mirrors the amount of movement you input via the joystick. Intuitive joystick maneuvering allows you to move your boat in forward, reverse, laterally left or right, on a diagonal or to pivot it 360 degrees in place. Now, Yamaha has made boating even more effortless with the latest version of Helm Master’s SetPoint® modes. Fine-tuning your position while in StayPoint®, FishPoint® and DriftPoint® using just the joystick is now possible.

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