When you combine two of the most innovative brands in the boating and the water sports markets, you create a joined force that knows no boundaries!

We bring you an exclusive collaboration between Axopar and Jobe! Both brands strive to innovate and are known to create the best products in their respective markets. Both share a love for adventure and aspire to provide accessibility and an experience on the water like no other, and as this collaboration has grown, we’ve learned that our combined knowledge can lead to pure magic. By teaming up, Axopar and Jobe Sports have created an unstoppable force.

We see our customers searching to broaden their experiences on the water, seeking excitement and new adventures, which excites us to push boundaries and develop new fresh ideas for our customers, to surprise and disrupt this traditional market. We are excited to soon release the results of our unique collaboration with Jobe Sports

– Jan-Erik Viitala(Axopar)

This collaboration is amazing as we got to work with a brand which shares our company values. Our team from Jobe and the Axopar team are likeminded and we get to work collectively on getting more people on the water together. Creating the best watersport experi- ence out there for everyone to enjoy. Which is exciting for the whole team

– Jos Broekmeulen(Jobe Sports)


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