Modrulj interiors are always adorned with quality and innovation, whether it’s office furniture, HoReCa program, partition walls or home furnishing products. By changing the space, they also change the atmosphere and raise the comfort to a higher level.

Modrulj company cares about the satisfaction of all its customers and offers a wide range of services, such as: custom furniture, the “old for new” service, service and maintenance, upholstery, delivery and transport, and the possibility of buying from the comfort of your home. In addition to the basic range, Modrulj also provides additional services, such as the possibility of servicing chairs, both their own brand as well as other manufacturers.

Furnishing offices has never been easier! We offer high-quality Italian, German and Czech work chairs, which come with a 10-year warranty on models purchased in the salon or online. They are distinguished by a recognizable style for the sharp eye, as well as comfort for each back; design, comfort and ergonomics are the main characteristics of every Modrulj office chair. When equipping your workspace and choosing office chairs, ergonomics are usually the best choice if you spend a long time sitting in the office. Modrulj ergonomic chairs are made to the highest quality standards and guarantee long life and comfort at work. You can find them in Novi Sad and Belgrade, as well as throughout Serbia. Office chairs are also sold and delivered abroad, and all you need to do is send an inquiry with delivery details…

Good organization and productivity will be provided by desks made of refined plywood and MDF, and they can also be lacquered and covered with foil, so that their appearance aesthetically matches the office space. All customers can choose the dimensions for the desired table, according to their workplace.


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