JetSurf Motorized Surfboards have been the leader in motorized surfboards for the last ten years which is clearly on display with new 2021 model line-up.

It’s been a year since the company has stepped into the electric side of motorized surfing where it has left a strong mark right from the beginning. JetSurf Electric surprised with exceptional riding characteristics, engine power and battery life.

The board was even seen at competition level at the motorized surfing European Championship. The 2021 fully electric powered model promises 30-40 minutes of riding time, dual bindings for regular and goofy riders. Programmable power modes enable the riders to select their choice of supplied power.

JetSurf Electric will simply satisfy everybody looking for the ultimate, but at the same time silent, riding experience.

JetSurf doesn’t stay behind even with its combustion engines model line-up. It features brand new graphic designs and majority of the boards fulfils important goals and becomes tool – less with the FCS Click on/Click o system for easier and faster fins installations. The main attraction for the upcoming season is the Titanium DFI with a completely rebuilt hull and powered by JetSurf’s DFI engine technology.

For the best riding characteristics and maximum G-Force in the corner Apex, the Titanium DFI allows to adjust side fins toe to squeeze all of its potential to the limit.


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