A New Era of Stand-Up

Racing DNA is another pillar of the Yamaha Motor brand. What they wish to guarantee, however, is that the exhilarating excitement the racing products deliver is not restricted. They inject its adrenaline, precision and engineering in more and more models available to the wider public. This is especially true today when a racing-only model rides out of the track and into the hands of all of those who want to feel that unique rush.

For over 30 years SuperJet has been the icon of stand-up, singlehandedly creating a world of racing around it. Today, a new-era adrenaline machine is born out of that same DNA. No longer restricted to professionals only, its pumping 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine and brand new sleek lightweight hull guarantee you’ll dominate the waves both in high-speed straights and aggressive corners.

Award-winning, three-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 marine engine is a compact, lightweight 1,049cc unit that delivers the exhilarating performance stand-up riders seek, but more smoothly than ever before.

Based on a brand new wider and more stable hull, it’s now ideal for recreational use – although the spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar will lead the rider naturally into a comfortable lean forward position, the perfect stance for super-fast riding, turning – and showing off! The new design features a three position adjustable handle pole that can extend up to 50mm in length, together with race-inspired handlebars and a wide, padded foot tray with integrated re-boarding grip.

The new L-MODE® reduces engine performance to around 35 knots – a helpful and confidence building feature for novice riders. Feeding the TR-1 engine is a larger 5.0-gallon fuel tank that delivers plenty of range for the stand-up rider who wants to explore further – and there is an easy-to-read Low Fuel meter placed conspicuously on the deck.

„After so many years of experience, we still evolve to be closer to our customers. Every owner, rider or family has their own style and we open a different “toolbox” to create the products that will deliver maximum fun, joy, excitement and sheer adrenaline. Which is why we’ve revolutionized our line-up, now divided into three segments: Sport, Cruising and Recreation.“

Yamaha Plattner Serbia

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