With the G 500, Advance enters a new category in its range, linking the compact and luxury class of RIB boats


Advance G 500 is characterized by an attractive design inspired by speed, harmonious dimensions and excellent use of space. Exterior lines clearly indicate connection with the larger models of the same series, the G 600 and G 800.

A special feature of this model is foldable backrest of the seat, which turns the entire aft area into a large flat sundeck, while also providing easier access to the platform. Underneath the aft area there are three storage compartments: a central large chamber and one more on each side that, with their functionality and length, allow them to fit water skis or other water sports equipment.

The aft platform is designed to enable easy access to the boat from the dock or entry from the water via a stainless steel ladder that can be pulled out of the designated space and easily put into function. The front sundeck has 2 separate chambers beneath it: a large storage compartment as well as a smaller one designed for the anchor.

The seats can be filled with a special “BreathAir” foam for exceptional comfort, as it is breathable and water-repellent, while the finest leather for nautical application is used for upholstery. Advance allows its customers to choose from a wide variety of textures, patterns and leather colours.

In addition to standard speed, depth, trim and navigation devices, the steering console has one detail that is a rarity in boats of this class: a compartment for storing personal belongings, such as mobile phones and personal documents. This compartment can be easily accessed because it is open from the top and protected from the bottom to prevent things from falling out during sharp maneuvers. As an additional option, a smaller, dedicated, closed-type compartment can be ordered to connect mobile devices to the stereo speaker system, as well as for safe charging of phones.

Customers have a wide range of new attractive color combinations, not seen on Advance boats before, as well as accessories to choose from. In addition, the manufacturer allows customers to personalize the vessel and create unique boats to order.


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