Ranieri’s new creation is the NEXT 285 LX, which means “Extra-Luxury”.

The length of 8.5 meters and the beam of almost 3 meters is more than enough for passengers to quickly realize that this is not an ordinary “Sundeck” model, but a boat with exceptional and spacious comfort, designed to off er cosiness not only outside but also below deck, with a space for sleeping and relaxing and a toilet with a bathroom.

The NEXT 285 LX thus joins the NEXT series, launched by Ranieri International 4 years ago and, like the other models in the NEXT line, is built using the “Fully-Developed Cockpit System”, a special construction method that, in addition to optimizing the building process, allows the manufacture of a one-piece deck, where all the main components, such as deck, cabin, space for fuel, water tank, and storage – combined into a single mold.

On the deck there is a great use of space for socializing in the aft, where next to the fi xed bench seat we can fi nd additional seating with folding seats left and right and in the seat console, which can be easily folded into the sides of the boat. In this way we get seating from all 4 sides of the table. The table is hydraulically adjustable in height and extra large size, which is suffi cient for the needs of larger companies or just a large bed to your liking in the rear shady part, which covers almost half of the boat.

Next to the comfortable rear part, in a seat console, there is a convenient kitchen with a sink and stove. Refrigerator is sensibly located from the front so that it does not disturb visitors around the table, and fi ts the seat console to perfection.

You can get more information from the distributor for the Slovenian and Croatian markets: Moto-Nautika d.o.o.


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