A sophisticated tribute to the Sorrento gozzo of the 1960s that also offers all the benefits of modern technology, the Libeccio 8.5 Classic catches the eye with its unmistakeable design and powerful evocation of the past. It’s a perfect combination of classic tiller steering with the latest technological innovations, thanks to which it has a top speed of 20 knots.

Its lines are clean, the spacious sun deck is solid mahogany inlaid with maple, the fender pins and bits are retractable and even the throttle is hidden away in a padded compartment.

So this is a classic gozzo with all the advantages of modern technology, plus some almost futuristic touches. It has an electric winch, courtesy lights and plexiglass panels behind the steps that lead up to the forward sundeck.

The forepeak provides a spacious double cabin with a fridge and, on request, a toilet. There is also a fold-away coffee table for drinks and suppers.

This model too was designed by Studio Valerio Rivellini Yacht Design.

“This gozzo has an interesting balance between classic and modern. For while its lines clearly recall the traditional gozzo, there are certain elements that give it an extremely modern look. The canopy mounted on a carbon fibre pole, for example, underscores the elegance and charm of this project”.

– Studio Valerio Rivellini Yacht Design

Gozzi Mimi

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