Jump on board with Rafael Nadal for an exclusive video interview about catamarans, sports and navigation plans.

Q: How did you get into yachting?

A: Since I was a kid I loved spending the day with the family on the boat, and of course later in my life, when I was growing I started thinking if it would be a good idea to have my personal boat. So I had my first boat in 2013. So, yes, I am happy about the experience, and honestly, the boat for me is like my house too. I spend time on it, I am able to go out and enjoy, and at the same time to disconnect from everything.

Q: Where do you like to cruise?

A: Most of the time I am here around the Balearic Islands. I would love to have long tours, but honestly, today I don’t have plenty of time so I spent most of the time around the Islands. Of course, here there are plenty of amazing places to visit and you don’t get tired to be around the Balearic Islands. You have plenty of amazing spots that you always need to discover and to come back to those places. But, yes, I hope in the future I will have more time to plan longer trips and to visit new places. I am excited to do it and I really hope I will have a chance to make that happen.

Q: What is your experience with catamarans?

A: I tried the Catamarans before owning one, and I tried it around five or six times. I chartered a catamaran in the Bahamas. Honestly, I chartered a catamaran and a monohull too, and personally, there is no comparison. The space that you have in a catamaran is impossible to compare with a monohull. Probably, today I have this boat because I love the Sunreef 80 Power, that is the main thing. But, of course, because every time I have been inside a catamaran in a charter experience I always have great memories, so that’s why I decided to try to own a catamaran.

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