Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija – Yacht Pool

The main activity of Premium Yacht Insurance is to connect boats and insurance companies: within boat and yacht insurance, personal skipper insurance, and other different liability insurance within recreational boating.

Premium Yacht Insurance is not an insurance company, but it is an insurance representative of insurance that operates as a company named Yacht-Pool d.o.o.

“We represent insurance companies: Wiener Insurance – Vienna Insurance Group d.d., Allianz Zagreb d.d. and Pantaenius Group. Safety of your insurance policy is guaranteed by our insurers, while insurance services are our concern”.

The quality of Premium Yacht Insurance services is standardized and therefore on high-level everywhere in the world.

Premium Yacht Insurance is continuously developing and improving the quality level of its services and is investing in knowledge.

“Our motto is lifelong learning, improvement of work technology, and spreading of knowledge to other people”.

Premium Yacht Insurance is also creating and implementing new insurance products, as well as improving existing ones. Within the integration of nautical business and operations quality management, Premium Yacht Insurance has developed and is implementing standards for charter companies, boat service, and boat maintenance companies, as well as for marinas. At the same time, Yachting Academia is systematically researching the nautical market, and collected information is being distributed to Croatian boaters and all other participants of the nautical business.

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