Horizon Yacht Europe

Horizon Yacht, the parent company of Horizon Group, was co-founded in 1987 by CEO John Lu, Mr. Gong Shan Chiai, and Mr. Cheng Shun Hui in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As a sailor architect by training, Lu’s mission was clear and remains unchanged to this day: To build the ultimate dream yachts for his clients.

Through the years, Lu has proved himself a visionary in the yachting industry – in 1993 he recognized a demand for high-value megayachts and began building yachts over 80 feet (24M).

Since its establishment, Horizon put an effort to create and build yachts that achieve each client’s dreams. Horizon’s integrated company structure contributes to this goal, allowing each dependant company to focus on its area of expertise and build high-quality boats in shorter construction time. Inspired by the spirit of innovation, Horizon places great importance on consistent product quality and customer service, and it established a system of standardized working procedures and computerized knowledge-sharing platforms for continual growth and improvement. Additionally, Horizon adheres to the world’s most reputable classification societies, adopting exacting international standards in the design and construction of private luxury yachts.

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