Goga Yachting Club

For many years, Goga Yachting Club has been successfully importing and representing the world’s leading nautical brands, such as Cranchi, Monterey, Sun Tracker, and Tracker, as well as the prestigious Jobe nautical equipment.

Goga Yachting Club has been the official and exclusive dealer of luxury Regal vessels for Serbia and Montenegro since 2019.

Constant capacity enhancement and traditional nurturing of a large number of satisfied clients make Goga Yachting Club grow and grow its business day by day, both in the country and in the region.

With a commitment and quality of business to the highest world standards, Goga Yachting Club today successfully meets the nautical needs of the entire region, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Albania.

Currently, covering an area of ​​2,000 m², Goga Yachting Club offers the following business segments: the showroom, used boat salon, marina, boat rental, service, winter station, warehouse, and customs proctor, transport, purchase and sale of spare parts, oils, lubricants, and accessories (for all types of scooters, speedboats, yachts, outboard, and marine engines).

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