We create unforgettable moments on the water and make sure that your personal dreams of having your own boat come true.

Enthusiasm for the element of water is what drives us and the motor for our creativity. We live the same dream as our customers – maybe that’s why we get on so well with them. Once you’ve picked up speed, you won’t be able to be taken off course any longer.

Europe Marine works hand in hand with numerous engine manufacturers. As a certified installation company, we meet their requirements in all points and take responsibility for boat care, maintenance and revision. We organize boat transfer trips reliably worldwide.

Our great expertise also sets us apart when it comes to sales. That is why we have been appointed a certified installation company for outboard and inboard motors. At Boot 2016 we received the Mercury SALES Award as the best sales outlet in Germany.

On the well of success

Europe Marine proudly looks back on 34 years of company history, which is characterized by innovative ideas, high-quality products, passion, committed employees and highly satisfied customers. Over the years we have been able to continuously expand our range of services and develop leading positions in the boat market. The two master mechanics Robert and Peter Nürnberger have the rudder firmly under control at Europe Marine and always ensure the right course. The technical know-how of the brothers, their many years of experience in the industry and our personal customer service with depth are the guarantees for success. Our company is growing continuously and currently employs more than 25 people.

Boat building art – Made in Germany

We have been dealing with boats and yachts for decades. Since no one knows the wishes and needs of our customers as well as we do, it was obvious to develop our own line of boats in which the synergy of experience and competence takes shape. Our VIPER POWERBOATS and our latest project AUSTER combine perfect craftsmanship with intelligent constructions at the highest level.

VIPER – top quality and top service

You will find beginner boats and family boats as well as speed boats and comfortable boats like the Viper 323 TT, which is our “luxury liner”. One of the latest gems in the range is the 28 Toxxic (Viper 283 Toxxic), which with 2 x 320 HP Mercuiser or optionally with Volvo Penta engines can also handle heavy seas with ease. Our Viper Toxxic has a Europe-wide trademark protection, which was issued by the European patent office.

All Viper sports boats are manufactured by us with the greatest care. Get an idea of ​​our work and visit our production hall. You can have your individual Viper manufactured by us. When it comes to the choice of equipment, next to nothing is impossible. Using our Viper configurator, you can freely select the colors for the deck and hull of your future boat online. The composition takes place in our own production facility. Building a boat is always something very special for us too.

Europe Marine

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