Patience Is the Key to Success

Persistence, patience, honesty, and perseverance, all seasoned with love, brought fashion designer Suzana Perić to a highly coveted position, both at home and on the European fashion market. In addition to over 20 years of career in design, Suzana became the Editor-in-Chief of the famous fashion magazine “Bazar”.

N: You won the Serbia Fashion Week Award in the Winner for Mad Mood category and as the winner of this award you have the opportunity to present your collection in September 2019 at the Milan Fashion Week. What are your feelings about performing again in the Italian fashion capital, the city connected with the beginnings of your career?

“Thanks to SFW and Mrs. Svetlana Horvat who runs this prestigious fashion event, I am delighted to be this year’s representative of our country in Milan. Every fashion show I prepare and do thoroughly, whether it’s held in our country or abroad. The responsibility that I have, as well as my studio, is always great”.

N: What was the vision that guided the development of the “SP” brand?

“A positive attitude towards everything and the faith in myself and in my team, with which I co-operate, are my inspiration. Love for work and, of course, I have to mention my daughter Tiffany, who gives me a lot of positive energy. Even in seemingly hopeless situations there must be some sort of a solution”.

N: In addition to an enviable career in design, you proudly hold the leading position in the oldest fashion magazine in this area – “Bazar”. What did you first think about when you received the offer for such a prestigious engagement?

“I think that was not a coincidence. For a year, I was a consultant in Bazar and was in charge of the visual identity of the magazine. After a year of work, I learned how ”Bazar” breathes, so to speak, I grew to love it the way you love your child, which was not difficult. I think that the results are visible, the circulation has increased, the visual identity is noticed. Changes that are visible are an indication of my work. Now another child has arrived into my life – Bazar 🙂 After 20 years of successful career and over 80 fashion shows with a brand that is recognizable and popular in Serbia, and I can proudly say in the region, I think this is a well-deserved acknowledgment and trust that was given to me. Being at the helm of the ”Bazar” is a big responsibility but also a challenge for everyone, and for me as well. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I love challenges”.

N: You were a student at the faculty of medicine when you decided to take a different road in life and enroll the prestigious Fashion and Design Academy in Düsseldorf. What moment was crucial for such an important life decision

“I cannot say exactly what moment it was. Upon leaving my native Sarajevo to Germany, where I started to live with my family, the biggest change in my life was when I left medical studies in the fourth year and decided to start from scratch. I enrolled one of the most prestigious fashion schools – Fashion and Design Academy – AMD in Düsseldorf, and I graduated in 1999. After graduating, luckily my career started ascending. In the territory of Serbia and Montenegro, I have been present since 1999, the year when with my first collection I had a very prominent fashion show at the 9th Belgrade Fashion Week. And that’s how it all started …. As I have said … for 20 years already”.

N: Many dreams of becoming fashion designers, but it is a career reserved for the chosen ones only. Do you have a piece of advice for beginners?

“The message is sincerity and perseverance all seasoned with love. Patience is a feature that I did not have before, now I have it, and I hope that your readers and younger future colleagues will see in my case and realize that this is the key to success. Nothing can be achieved overnight quickly, but with a lot of work and effort you can reach the goal. It may sound interesting to be a fashion designer, but believe me that behind it is a lot of work and improvement”.

N: Do you find it more attractive to sail the seas or to look at exotic landscapes from the sandy beach?

“Both. I am also known as a great travel enthusiast, I always find some inspiration during travel, and I always proudly say that I organized a show called DANCE UNDER THE CLOUDS at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, to honor travel”.

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