Creativity, loyalty, persistence, and perseverance in the work of Serbian fashion designer Slobodan Bata Spasojevic over 25 years have made him one of the most renowned fashion experts in the country and the region, but also on other continents.

N: You managed to achieve an excellent balance between staying authentic and meeting market needs. Soon you will celebrate 25 years of work and 20th anniversary of your own brand “Individual”. How would you describe your “business journey” over the past two decades?

“Knowledge – creativity, loyalty, and perseverance and perseverance in the first place. Regardless of the fact that we constantly live in some transition periods and turbulent times, we have to find the way to put our ideas into practice… and the way to reach our consumers. Placement is very important besides creativity … and good achievement of the collection itself.  I would not call my business journey just ‘business’. It’s primarily one great devotion, LOVE. I fully enjoy in each of these game-like activities and in creating new things year after year. This creative tide is a strong type of adrenaline rush that pushes you into new challenges and adventures. Reactions of customers and fashion stakeholders or the so-called users over all these years have been unbelievable. It always boosts and encourages you to fly and explore further on with even stronger passion”.


N: Travel is an integral part of your life, and during your travels, you visit designer stores held by your colleagues. Whose work do you particularly appreciate?

“Travel is very important for a designer. Every trip and tour of fashion centers, national museums, and world exhibitions are fantastic experiences that feed my creative side of the soul and I would even say the whole body. New York is a fantastic ground where, for example in Soho, you can see amazing designer stores, such as Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Damir Doma, Issey Miyake, Y-3 and, of course, Tom Ford who was a role-model for me for a long time”.


N: In your opinion, what detail would be a must-have in each fashion combination for sailing or cruising?

“A good sailor shirt! I love striped T-shirts, whether they are Ts or sleeveless or V-neck. I always combine them with floral patterns. A good detail can also be a striped scarf around the neck for gentlemen, and for ladies on the head. With a perfect pair of Jackie O. glasses that she used to wear. Or Sofia Loren”.


N: You are a true hedonist and a culinary enthusiast. If you were to set off to the sea with a group of close friends during the summer, what dish would you serve to them under the clear sky?

“Oh! It would be a genuine feast 🙂 Lunch: crabs, shellfish in celery sauce, octopus and shrimps. And for dinner, sushi or smoked fish if the catch is right”.


N: Inflatable boat, speedboat, sailboat, catamaran, yacht, super-yacht, or, perhaps, a cruiser?

“At a boat show I saw a perfect BLACK huge cyber inflatable boat, as if made for a movie of the future. That would be some kind of an option for me to get caught in an adventure. But certainly a super-yacht would be the right choice where I would make an excellent selection of people, ie friends with whom I would share that happiness and enjoyment of this type of hedonism”.

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