Number of luxury vessels on our rivers will increase in the coming years

Azimut Benetti Group, Italian manufacturer of prestigious yachts and boats, now has its official dealership in Belgrade, at the address 11 Zrenjaninski put. For all the nautical enthusiasts from our country and the region, opening of this new dealership named “BM – Premium Yachting 2020 doo. Belgrade” is the opportunity to order one of the exclusive vessels to their liking directly from a representative with extensive experience in import and distribution of premium brands for the Serbian market.

Ostoja Mijailović, the owner of several renowned companies and the president of the Basketball Club Partizan NIS, is at the head of the company, and also the person who will be dedicated to placement of yachts and boats for river and sea navigation by the exclusive Italian shipyard. Apart from being General Manager of British Motors, which is the exclusive sales and service center for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles for Serbia, Mr Mijailović also operates successfully in the nautical industry.

Mr. Ostoja Mijailović

“I am very satisfied with signing of the contract with Azimut Beneti Group, the industry-leading company both in Europe and worldwide. Azimut operates according to one of the highest world shipbuilding standards, using technology developed in-house by Azimut Yachts Innovation Lab. These are top models, the best on the market and they guarantee an unforgettable sailing experience. In this way, the business system that I lead is now in a position to offer an even wider range of premium products to our customers, thus contributing to development of this business segment in Serbia. For the following period, we plan a lot of activities aimed at promoting Azimut in Serbia.”

– Ostoja Mijailović, General Manager of British Motors and President of BC Partizan

Q: As a relatively young company, you have managed to position yourself very high, and now you have even made a step forward from the automotive to the nautical industry. Is that what you strived for from the very beginning or did the market demand lead to this as a logical step?

A: In the premium segment, the only thing that can set you apart from the competition is quality of the products and quality of the services provided. Clients are very well educated and know exactly what they want. Therefore, listening to the wishes and needs of our clients, we came up with the idea to expand our business into the nautical industry. And of course, it was natural for us to operate in the premium segment in that market as well.

Azimut operates according to one of the highest world shipbuilding standards

Q: Do you manage to recognize the needs of prospective buyers when it comes to boats or do they come with a clear vision? Which Azimut model is the most popular among customers in Serbia?

A: Clients in our country and the region know the boat market very well, they are well informed and at least roughly know what model they would like. That conversation is more like a conversation between business partners than between a buyer and a seller, and we are trying to build such a relationship. We are there to listen to their wishes and find the best solution together with them. There is no model that stands out significantly, but buying a boat is an expression of personal preferences. People follow the novelties that appear on the market, so now the interest is a bit higher for the models from the S collection, S8 and Grande S10, and also Flybridge 78.

”The biggest interest in our market is for the models from the S collection, S8 and Grande S10, or Flybridge 78”

Q: How is the process of selection, ordering and delivery of vessels carried out? How long does it take from the first to the last step?

A: Delivery time depends on the current availability of each specific model. From the moment the customer decides on the model and signs the contract, we do our best to make the delivery within a few weeks. The initial phase of the sale is done from a catalog.

Q: This is a year in which the world is facing great challenges. How much does the new economic crisis affect the industries you work in?

A: I expect the real consequences that Covid-19 will have to be fully felt in a few months. At the moment, the world is slowly returning to normal, and if there are no new surprises, the consequences will be within tolerable limits.

”Clients in our country and the region know the boat market very well”

Q: How do you see the development of nautical industry in Serbia in the future?

A: I believe that the number of luxury vessels on our rivers will increase in the coming years. There is a lot of room for improvement.

Q: Numerous awards and recognitions you have received testify that it is possible to survive at the top, both in the world of business and in the world of sports. Which of the two brings you more satisfaction?

A: Hard work and dedication always pay off, it is just that sometimes the reward comes sooner, and sometimes later. Continuity is the key to everything, and I could hardly decide between the options offered. There are many more factors in sports that you cannot influence. Particularly in basketball, sometimes everything depends on one moment when the ball did or did not go through the hoop. In those moments, all the efforts made by the management and the players and the coaches to get a chance for success are often forgotten. That kind of adrenaline makes the happiness or sadness at that specific moment somewhat greater than in the business world, where things tend to happen more slowly.

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