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Inspired by the social character of a man who was known to his numerous friends under the nickname “il Gagliardi” the brand embodies Savile Row’s timeless attractiveness while remaining faithful to its Mediterranean roots with a rich palette of colors.

Gagliardi manifesto is simple but efficient and strives to combine elements of contemporary fashion, current cuts, seasonal shades, and a blend of textures with a mix of luxurious, precisely procured fabrics and an uncompromising, old-fashioned approach to quality. A fine Italian cut and skillful design that is an integral part of every Gagliardi piece of clothing, contribute to the elegant style of clothing that is adorned with unique, handmade final details.

Despite the meticulous work that distinguishes the creations of this brand from the very beginning more than fifty years ago, every piece offers a master tailoring lesson through simple elegance. Gagliardi brand is made for an adventurous man who recognizes a good cut and above all appreciates timelessness and high quality.

Designed for a gentleman who moves effortlessly between cities and duties, it is a whole package that combines style with convenience and comfort. From the recently launched travel suit that makes the perfect global companion, to plush jackets that add style to any evening event, the essence of the city lives and breathes in every piece of Gagliardi clothing. This is a collection that needs to be lived, enjoyed, felt – an impressive collection that promises friendship, success, and the very essence of Milan.

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