Having worked as a stylist, creative director and designer in video production for ten years, Bojana Ugresic has now decided to focus her attention on the development of her own fashion brand.

Through the experience she has gained working with the best people in production, primarily video, and people from various walks of life, she has shaped her own direction. What stood out as her main interest are special occasion gowns and other garments, some items that have a personal stamp and a story that subtly carries the whole energy of creation process that Bojana goes through with every person who comes to her atelier with the intention of having a garment with the Bojana brand signature. The concept of each one of her collections is such that it has its own story and the occasion it is created for, while the whole brand is inspired by the trinity of mind, body, and soul.

The Body, The Mind, The Soul Collection

The first collection, The Body, The Mind, The Soul, opens the story of the brand, with each part of the collection having its own symbolism. There is a “bridal segment”, dresses and garments for special occasions, and one part of the collection is for a businesswoman. It is situated in several locations in Montenegro, and it is this beauty of the sea and the sun that adorns the fluttering and carefully selected materials and colors throughout the story of the trinity of mind, body, and soul.

Resort Collection

The second collection, named Resort, is located in Rovinj, where multiple types of silky powdery and delicate tones tell a True Romance silk story.

Bridal Collection

The third collection is Bridal and each piece has its message. Through the Touch of Heaven story, every bride and woman who wants a piece of clothing for a special occasion can find herself in layers of the finest satin, silk, lace, tweed fabrics, and details.

What I Believe Collection

The fourth, What I Believe Collection, is based in New York. A carefully chosen theme and location tell the story of cashmere, tweed, georgette, and lace – through garments made of the finest materials.

The atelier and workshop of Bojana Ugresic are located in Novi Sad, at the address Radnicka 30. You can find more information about the brand at

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