After winning the prestigious title of marina No.1 last year, ACI marina Rovinj was nominated for the award of the best marina – The Best Superyacht Marina Award 2020.

ACI Marina Rovinj – Photo: Davor Žunić / ACI

The award, which is given as part of the global Superyacht Business Awards program, recognizes service excellence in nautical tourism. As a modern marina with a unique design and the latest technological solutions, ACI marina Rovinj provides rich content and quality services, thus positioning itself at the very top of world nautical tourism. Nautical excellence is also confirmed by the categorization of 5 anchors, which is awarded to marinas of the highest category.

In order to choose the best marina, even more than 15,000 captains and crew members evaluate the experience of the stay and the service that the marinas provide to their guests and owners. In addition to equipment, content, social programs and services, some of the criteria taken into account when voting for The Best Superyacht Marina Award under the category BEST MARINA: ADRIATIC are marina location, accessibility, safety, environmental protection, as well as value for money.

It is ACI marina Rovinj with its facilities and quality of service that achieves the optimal ratio of the provided service to the price. This marina offers a unique view of the picturesque old town, and near the marina is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean park forests Zlatni rt. The marina has a spacious gym, wellness and swimming pools within the Grand Hotel Park. In addition to numerous specialized services, it also offers the service of emptying black and gray tanks, servicing boats, and in addition it hosts many regattas, including the world-famous ADRIS RC 44 regattas. Also, ACI has an ISO 9001 certificate and is the holder of the blue flag for the ACI marina Rovinj, which is in accordance with the responsible way of doing business, protection of the sea and the environment.

In its 37 years of existence, ACI has developed a quality network of professional staff in all 22 marinas. The staff is constantly educated and is extremely motivated for the best possible communication with guests and providing top services.

“ACI, as the largest marine system and carrier of nautical tourism, directs constant efforts and investments in the promotion of nautical tourism and positioning Croatia on the nautical map of the world.” By constantly raising the quality of the marinas themselves, but also by improving the accompanying facilities, we contribute to the quality of the nautical and Croatian tourist offer, which is why we are extremely satisfied with this nomination. ”

– President of the ACI Management Board Kristijan Pavić

Croatia already has 40 percent of the world’s charter fleet, and ACI continues to promote Croatia as a nautical destination with additional benefits. An indispensable part of the business are investments, and ACI Marina Rovinj is the largest investment in the history of ACI and one of the largest in nautical tourism in Croatia, in which more than 150 million kuna has been invested. Having in mind all the above, it is not surprising that this marina, according to its nautical standards and visual identity, becomes number 1 on Croatian nautical routes.

D.G. Morski.HR

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