An innovative design boat, engineered to ensure maximum seaworthiness and reliability.

The Sundeck 580, natural evolution of the 550, offers extremely and well managed generous spaces, for keen sailing Clients. Is worth to say each SUNDECK can be mostly totally customized. The consumption? Check it out in  our in our review, performed in the beautiful surroundings of Portofino.

We are at the beginning of Autumn when at Sundeck Yachts, they inform us about the chance to test an almost brand-new Sundeck 580, last delivered from the Shipyard with plants located in Fano and Ravenna and Sales and Marketing offices at the Port of Lavagna. And it’s in the Tigullio Gulf, that Angelo Casartelli, founder and Owner of Sundeck Yachts, and his Team, set us the appointment for the sea trial.

Liguria in this season, offers still precious remnants of summer time, ideal for Sundeck 580, which project, clearly reveal the  goal to provide a Yacht, Owner can use during  a large part of the year and even by the most demanding sailors.

As we arrived to the slip, Edoardo Mancini, head of Sales of the Company since its incoporation,  illustrates the key characteristics of this model, launched at the end of 2018 as a natural evolution of 550 and we have to convey with him, that this new trawler accomplished the purposes: it offers excellent huge volumes,   between exterior and interior (the boat is 5 meters wide and the interior heights more or lesse everywhere exceed 2.00 m), an amount of brightness is delivered by the large side “open view” windows and an excellent quality of assembly and finish. Customizable in all its details, the Sundeck 580 guarantees unparalleled low consumption at displacement speed, that remain remarkable, considering the dimensions and weight, even in planning speed.

The CE category of construction, of this Yacht, it’s the A”, the best applicable to leisure boat building and it’s synonymous of all-weather seaworthiness and reliability. Compared to the previous model we notice that the boat is almost a meter longer. This difference is mainly reflected on the stern area, more comfortable even in the presence big dinghy, which can find space on the important platform Hydraulic, still now allowing an easy access to the transom crew cabin door.

At last glance before boarding the Sundeck 580: it appears truly impressive , but proportionate in the volumes. Its unquestionable modern flavor, is exalted from the axe bow and the vertical windshield, typical of professional vessels, to the forty five degrees cuts of the hull and superstructures , other than from the absolute colors (white and black).

Custom colors unit,  have already been launched as well, such as metallic grey, dark Blu and so on.

Like the rest of the range, the Sundeck 580 is built in fiberglass, obtained by vacuum infusion: a cutting-edge process in the nautical Industry which ensure durability and strength of the product. Finally, the finishing provides further spray of a gel-coat layer with a final fairing and polishing. The result is a hull without imperfections, with exceptional shine.

Just like most of the trawler/navetta, we can walk around the vessel in complete safety, since the over-sized handrail, comes to protect us up to the waist.

The cockpit hosts a large solid teak table which allows for comfortable dining- 8-10 people. At bow the sunbathing area reminds us the name of the shipyard: the “Sundeck” is really huge and it is set up with a comfortable seafront sofa as well as equipped with amenities such as stereo speakers, some storage and optionally also a mesh screen shade, rigged with carbon fiber poles.

Finally, the Flybridge, really has a lot of room and it can offer another large sundeck on the stern with underneath big storage or a crane for a second tender on demand. It is equipped with a summer galley, featuring a grill, a sink and a fridge. The helm station is located on the starboard side, as is the access to the Fly, so you can watch the stern mooring where not want to use the cam available form the multi functional screen on the dash.

A large lounge, opposite, converts also in a sundeck and a double awning supported by elegant and functional carbon fiber poles complete the upper deck of 580.

Before the sea trial starts, let’s take a look at the engine room, redesigned with a new layout compared to 550.The entry is located in the cockpit floor eased by a steel ladder. You don’t need to be an engineers to notice the large space inside, so much that you can almost stand. The engines, the gearbox and direct shafts, with their logs to avoid salt water leakage, and main systems (A / C, generator, Seakeeper gyroscope etc.) are all visible and optically inspectable: white color also dominates here and allows to immediately identify any anomaly, such as leaks of oil. The Shipyard informs us that the Sundeck 580 is one of the few units on the market that allows, on request, the installation of a second 220V generator.

We are now ready to leave the sleep, the funniest part is starting shortly!

We can notice immediately that SY 580 is so easy to handle, just as we start moving it from the mooring.The bow and stern thrusters appear almost as a plus. It’s also in facts possible to maneuver  the yacht with a joystick, which really makes it easy and fun as plying a video game, but for more conservative Sailor, it is actually more then enough, working the two direct shaft engines throttles, to easy shift this Sundeck and let it slide out from even a tight spot as the one we had!

We are preparing to taste this yacht at various speeds, starting with the displacement one, ideal for long range navigation. The hull is optimized, at displacement speed, to sail between 7 and 9 knots approximately. We put the bow towards the renowned Gulf of Portofino willing to test this Sundeck, both in terms of comfort and consumption. Engines run between 1100 and 1280 r/min. The perfect study and combination of shaft line propellers, engines and hull design, give as result something not easy to believe: the screens displays in facts  an almost incredible 7 lt/h at 7 knots, up to 18 lt/h at 9 knots. This means that, thanks to the 2500 liters of fuel on board, we could reach Sicily within the range of this Yacht!  We appreciate the comfort of navigation. The boat is naturally stable due to the shape of the hull and it’s large stern section and moderate dead-rise, however when we “launch” the Seakeeper 6 gyroscopic (standard) stabilizer, shows a drastic reduction of the roll, such that we really feel almost 100% stable!

We could really sail many hours this way: the silence on board becomes almost absolute when we close in the saloon door and the 16 kW power generator allows us to easily use the air conditioning and watch a movie on satellite TV. We could even easily cook lunch, arriving at our destination, while the 24V watermaker, would produce all the water we need. But un fortunately we can’t ask so much to the kind Owner who granted us the use of his almost new jewel for this test, so we proceed bringing the boat to the “rapid” cruise speed. We give throttle the two FPT (Fiat Power Train) diesel of 570 hp each, chosen precisely for their characteristics of torque and reliability, they easily push the hull out of water at planning speed just past 13 knots.

Between 17-18 knots, depending on the weather and loading conditions, Sundeck reports us, the best consumption curve is reached: we can see, in fact, just beyond 100 lt/h for both engines. We must remember that we are at the helm of a 25 tones boat!

The light wave doesn’t worry our Sundeck, Class “A” yachts can easy handle much more complicate sea condition! However we can appreciate how dry ride and the absolutely neutral trim, so much that it never needs correction by the trim tabs to maintain perfect visibility, thanks also probably to the increased of length at rear section of the hull, which is the key hull change on the SY580. The excellent soundproofing, applied to the engine room, as well as the additional insulation, also allow at to converse and listen to music and TV.

Sundeck tells us that the 580 can reach a maximum of 26,5 knots and we, who thought we were trying only one Family comfortable yacht, can’t wait then to push the boat at its top speeds.

Within the canonical margin of 15% of the engine speed, we are over 20 knots already. The hull has left the ideal consumption curve, but we are still below 150 lt/h.

We push at full throttle and the boat exceeds 26 knots…which could be almost one knot more probably with flat sea.

Obviously, speed is not an issue for this kind of vessel, but this test gives us an idea of the wide “margin” that the mechanics reserve for us. In the meantime, we have reached Portofino’s Bay. It’s impossible not to stop and  stare to the  portrait offered by this Worldwide renowned place, we can enjoy even from the interior, thought the over-sized windows, while we  benefit from the perfect stabilization at anchor.

We open the “folding” door of the saloon and in fact a huge cockpit is created, part outdoors, part indoor, which really extends from the transom to the windshield. The galley is located at the entrance, it’s not enormous but space, storage and devices (all present) are conveniently located, we appreciate the ease with which saloon, cockpit and the Flyingbridge can be served. The fridge/freezer on the opposite side, with four modern look, steel drawer units, have big capacity (the boat is also equipped with a wine cellar, a fridge on the Fly and a private one for the crew cabin).

The lounge is designed with conviviality in mind: a “U” shaped sofa on the left and another opposing one create an ideal relaxing environment for lunch and dinner that can comfortably accommodate 10 people.

The boat has parquet flooring, from the same veneer of walnut used for the furniture, worked with impeccable craftsmanship. This is one of the various options available for interior decoration.

The leather sofas, the handrails in stainless steel and the bulkheads and ceiling finished in sky, which do not leave any visible fiberglass surface, contribute to communicate, in this configuration, a fair, never excessive luxury feeling. Lower-deck, the volumes of this Sundeck are perhaps even more surprising: the heights, all over 2.10 meters, let also taller guy will enjoy this yacht!

The SY580 is available in two layouts, with three or four cabins and three bathrooms, all equipped with a separate shower comportment.

The tested version, which we are told is the most requested, offers the owner a real full-beam private suite, with a private bathroom and illuminated by the huge walled windows. The VIP cabin is located in the bow, while on the right we have a flatbed cabin with private bathroom. The bathrooms, where wood bulkheads, corean counters, mosaics and steel hardware perfectly match each other, provide even shower heads with poly-chromatic lights: it’s hard to think this is a less than 18 meters overall Yacht!

Finally, the crew quarter also deserves a mention:  two comfortable bunks, a separate bathroom (where there is also a laundry room) and all the comforts, including TV, A/C and private minibar. Although the Sundeck Yachts 580 was conceived for solo or family sailing, the possibility of embarking crew for even for long periods is considered, by the owners, one of the plus of this model.

On the way back, we can finally test further options of this boat, entertaining for example on the bow, while we approach the port channel, with the ritual operations, like the arrangement of the fenders, governing the boat with the wireless remote control.

We return to the berth for final considerations. Sundeck Yachts has created a yacht of great reliability and building quality which at same time captivating and full of personality also thanks its deliberately minimal design, which however each owner can enrich with his own ideas and customizations. A boat suitable for those who want to experience the sea in the most extensive way, covering many miles and staying on board for long periods.

Sundeck Yachts

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