Perfect Solution for Smaller Boats and Yachts

For all those who build new vessels, Sinclair has a simple air conditioning solution. Likewise, for those who have a yacht and have not settled on the issue of air conditioning in the process of building, Sinclair heat pumps are the ideal solution for both heating and cooling. They feature a compact design and their construction is such that they take up little space, are easy to install, have a high level of utilization, and provide a comfortable space in which they are used.

‘Boat” series heat pumps are available in a wide range of capacities, whether used in marine or freshwater vessels. The pumps operate with the use of seawater or freshwater and with the use of eco-gas L 410 A. They effectively cool the air when the water temperature is below 35°C, and effectively heat when the water temperature is above 4.4°C.

The pumps are made of top of the range stainless materials, using high-quality insulation materials. They are delivered with cord or remote controls.

There are 6 models available: ASB-05A, ASB-09A, ASB-12A, ASB-16A, ASB-20A, ASB-24A with basic features:

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, air flow volume from 320 to 950 m3 / h, noise level: 58 – 62 dB, cooling / heating capacity ranges from 1.10 / 1.40 to 6.40 / 6.55 KW.

Digitron Ist, as the general distributor of the SHARP brand for Serbia, is pleased to present an ecological and economical energy system that is good for people and the planet. With 50 years of experience, solar specialist SHARP makes an essential contribution to revolutionary improvements in solar technology. SPG (Solar PowerGeneration) is a clean energy system that produces electricity from the sun rays reaching the Earth. It can be used anywhere – in factories and residential buildings, but also on vessels. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a growing interest in the SPG system in order to improve the quality of life, both on dry land and on water.

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