Apatin Shipyard was founded in 1920 in the city of Apatin, Serbia.

It used to be known as the Boris Kidrič Shipyard. From its establishment until today, the capacity of both plant and equipment have been expanded. Over time, the slipway for towing ships out of the water was replaced by a modern synchronous hoist with a capacity of 1,500 tons, and halls and workshops were built for indoor repair and construction of ships. Throughout its long history, the shipyard has produced over 400 units and performed hundreds of overhauls.

Today’s shipyard is fully equipped for the complete production of steel ships up to 135 m in length, as well as for full overhaul of ships and other vessels.

Apatin Shipyard is fully equipped for the complete production of steel ships up to 135 m in length

After takeover by the company Arsenal-Rem doo in 2019, the shipyard continued to operate at full capacity, with simultaneous works on modernization and reconstruction of all the existing facilities and equipment of the shipyard, as well as procurement of new equipment and construction of new facilities so as to improve efficiency of both production and repair work.

A new hall was built for the production of aluminum vessels of various types up to 35 m in length.

Shipyard Apatin doo, company for construction and overhaul of ships and other vessels operates at the address Dunavska obala 2 in Apatin, Serbia.

It owns all the necessary facilities for construction and repair of ships, including:

  • six indoor halls for shipbuilding and overhaul,
  • synchro hoist for quick manipulation when hoisting and launching ships (capacity 1500 t),
  • two slipways for overhaul and construction of ships,
  • a hall for construction of aluminum ships,
  • preparation hall, as well as the following workshops: metal processing, shipbuilding, locksmith, mechanic, motor, pipe, electrical workshop, carpentry, and workshops for sandblasting and painting.

All these plants are located on a plot of 9 hectares in a tributary on the left bank of the Danube near Apatin, protected from the main river flow.

Slipway for towing ships out of the water was replaced by a modern synchronous hoist with a capacity of 1,500 tons

Apatin Shipyard produces ships of various sizes from the following materials:

  1. Steel: production and complete fitting of single-hull steel ships up to 135 m in length with a beam up to 15 m (in case of catamarans the maximum beam is 25 m)
  2. Aluminum: Production and complete equipping of aluminum boats up to 35 m long and 12 m wide.

The shipyard has capacity to perform overhaul, modernization and repair of various types of ships for rivers and the sea (up to 135 m long and 15 m wide). Up to 10 vessels of different sizes can be repaired at the same time.

Ship overhaul and repair works performed at the shipyard include:

Overhaul of hull and superstructure

  • Overhaul of all valves and rudders
  • Overhaul of axle lines, ship buckles, main and auxiliary ship engines
  • Overhaul and reconstruction of all ship pipelines and tanks
  • Overhaul of all electrical devices and electrical installations on board
  • Overhaul and modernization of all electronics and automation systems on board
  • Overhaul of all types of marine pumps and compressors
  • Overhaul and refurbishing of all cabins intended for living, as well as galley and cold rooms
  • Installation of new devices and systems for seawater desalination, and installation of wastewater collection and treatment systems on board (gray and black water)
  • Overhaul, modernization and installation of new navigation, radio communication and safety systems
  • Overhaul of tender boats and ship’s axes and cranes
Apatin Shipyard has all the necessary facilities for building and repairing ships

In addition to the basic activity of ship construction and overhaul, other activities are performed in the shipyard facilities, such as overhaul of industrial machines, design and manufacture of metal structures for various purposes, pipelines, carpentry, and so on.

From 2020, Apatin Shipyard also offers services of berths along the operational shore for larger vessels, as well as dry berths and services for storage and maintenance of smaller boats and yachts up to 20m on land.

Apatin Shipyard

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