Goga Yachting Club, led by Mr. Goran Vasić, has been bringing the world’s leading nautical brands to the Serbian market for 30 years

This year, Goga Yachting Club celebrates 30 years of successful business. Over the three decades of constant development and expansion of the range of its services and products, the company has become one of the leaders in the nautical field in Serbia and the region. More than 2,500 satisfied customers testify to the success, professional attitude and innovation in the work of the Club, as well as awards such as: Monterey boats 3rd prize for the best dealer in Europe, Monterey boats award for best service support, Monterey boats award for the most innovative website and marketing outside US territory, and the Cranchi Award for the best dealer in the Balkans.

Behind this success is Mr. Goran Vasić, who in this interview for our magazine shares his reflection of the first 30 years in business, talks about the current business situation, but also about plans for the future.

Q: This year you are celebrating the great jubilee of 30 years of work and anniversary of the Goga Yachting Club. When you look back on the past years, what are you particularly proud of and is there anything you would change?

A: Good question, but the answer is that the reputation of the products we sell as well as after sales services are still the most important segments for us because customer satisfaction is 70% of success in our opinion. We are especially proud of the quality of Monterey boats because they have shown that they are the best in all their segments, and that we can freely say “Bentley” of the nautical world. And I repeat, I am not overestimating in that comparison, because we have sold about 1,900 boats so far and we have clients who sail “smoothly” aboard a boat from 2001 without any problems! Of course, another thing we are proud of is that we have become dealers of the Cranchi Shipyard, a totally new design, high quality and beautiful boats!

Q: The year 2020 has brought great temptations upon the whole world. However, it seems that there have never been more boats on the rivers, and everyone is looking for a place in your marina. How do you comment on the new situation?

A: I am honestly very pleasantly surprised by the huge demand both for places in the marina and new boats, because our dear customers are fed up with this “COVID 19” uncertainty and seriously everyone has opened up their heart and looked for any boat and any place! The result is that we have unfortunately turned down a dozen clients for a place in the marina because we are totally full, and also from June 23 we are totally sold out and we do not have any vessels to offer to clients! Who could have guessed that such things happen!!

Q: Prestigious models from the Cranchi fleet led by the magnificent HT44 have arrived to Belgrade, and there is certainly a great demand for the Monterey and Regal models as well. Which boats are your favorites for the summer?

A: This is a trick question but I will be honest: No.1 is still Monterey, No.2 is Regal because of its versatility and greater capacity compared to Monterey, and out of any category is Cranchi because it is perfection in boat construction and design, they are “so Italian!”. Cranchi HT 44, Z 35, E 30 two items, E 26 two vessels have arrived to Belgrade and we are really proud of that result! Belgrade can finally see something luxurious and prestigious, world class!!

Q: Goga Yachting Club has been a safe haven for boaters for years. Buying a boat is perhaps the easiest PART, many first-time owners do not realize that the after-sales service, which is at a high level in your company, is also very important.

A: I have already said that the word of mouth, recommendation is quite common in our sales, and we pay great attention to that. But as official service center, with experience of 30 years, we have introduced work processes to avoid overload, the pressure in the high season period, which is huge! Just follow the procedures and everything will be in its place! We provide a full maintenance package to clients and this is the most important thing, “turnkey”, while we deal with the vessel for 365 days. In addition we are 20% cheaper because we go by the philosophy of lower earnings on more vessels rather than higher earnings on fewer vessels! We currently maintain over 250 clients in our network!

Q: The marina currently has 94 berths, so do you plan to expand the capacity?

A: As we have pointed out in the previous answers that we are completely full, we have to expand and plan the next season with another 28 places, but only if the regulations at the level of City Decisions are in place. Uncertainty is killing us in our investments due to unregulated status of marinas, rafts and nautical activities in general! But we have to move on, because clients drive us to stay at that enviable level of services and sales of 50 or more vessels every year is a serious coming issue.

Q: How do you see the fact that 60% of factories have switched to outboards and that electric versions of engines are planned in the next 3-5 years?

A: This is already well known information, because for the last 3 years the factories have been warning us that they will switch to outboard engines and electric motor in the next 3-5 years, as we think it is cheaper for them to produce outboard engines, and easier and much faster to service! It has become a trend to have an outboard engine even though our clients still love inboard engines, too! We’ll see soon!!

Q: How do you think the situation on the world and domestic nautical market will develop in the years to come?

A: Well, this is really uncertain due to the general situation, but we believe that all this will pass and stay behind us, we are going with full sail ahead. For the new season we will order between 40-50 vessels!! As people say “whatever happens”, it is important that our goods do not have an expiry date!

Q: We can say that you are a world traveler, which boat and destination are your choice for a family vacation?

A: I have absolutely no dilemma there, because the CRANCHI HT 44 is the right boat for personal needs and comfortable enough to travel with family or friends, and the destinations are the most beautiful in Italy and Croatia, but I also like the ever smiling Greeks with more affordable prices and beautiful sea! And as for the vacation across the ocean, because we are in America every year for 20-25 days, definitely Florida, Miami, Key West, Palm Beach, Tampa and everything in the surroundings is really beautiful!
We wish you good health!

Nautika team with Goran Vasić

Goga Yachting Club

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