Essential Home is an innovative mid-century modern furniture brand that takes important historical and cinematographic references from the 1930s and 1960s and turns them into unique furnishing pieces

What started out in 2015 as ‘Essentials’, a furniture collection by the mid-century lighting brand DelightFULL, quickly grew to be one of the most elegant representations of mid-century modern design, thus creating a new name and a new brand, Essential Home.

“Essential Home’s goal is to create the ultimate time traveling experience inside a single space. We want to take the strong reminiscent connotation of the 1930s and 1960s, and create the perfect blend between the past and the present by creating mid-century modern furniture pieces that include a contemporary twist”.

“It is by harmoniously balancing the ideals of masculine and feminine, classic, and contemporary that Essential Home is able to create the fi nest solutions for intimate and cozy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. Using nothing other than the highest quality materials, Essential Home delivers the mid-century modern signature that makes it so irresistible”.


Green forest is the personification of nature, renewal, and energy. Green is a bolder, richer, stronger color that will cause an impact. The need for natural materials, for the connection to nature, will be present throughout the year. Be ready for the feeling of adventure, of tropical summer nights, of the deep, rich, green of the forest.

Be ready for the feeling of adventure, of tropical summer nights,
of the deep, rich, green of the forest

The green forest takes us back to the wonderful world of nature, of rich and natural materials, of incredible environments and biodiversity. It will also be a trend to use natural materials in design, especially when it comes to furniture pieces in modern homes, so green forest appears as a blessing, a way to incorporate even more of nature into home decor, or even in fashion, architecture or art.

Add green forest to your home decor in wallpaper with a tropical pattern or through incredible furniture pieces that bring this stunning color to life in velvet or leather, both with such identity that it’s impossible to resist it. Two armchairs using the same trend but with a charm of their own, Grace and Bogarde bring green forest in their own charming way.

In the world of fashion, the green forest is everywhere, not only as of the rich color it is but in tropical/nature patterns. The connection to the environment and nature will be a big deal this year, so we’re expecting to see a lot of natural materials with the ever so present forest green. Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Haider Ackerman are some of the names that joined in on this incredible trend.

When it comes to art, this color is easily introduced not only in paintings for your home but also in fashion magazine covers, appearing to become one of the strongest calling cards of this year.


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