Swordfish is revolutionary, car-design inspired tender, capable of navigating underwater

Swordfish is the world’s first boat capable of becoming a submarine. It offers the opportunity for her occupants to go through the other side of the mirror and explore the beauty of the underwater world, being comfortably seated in leather armchairs with a glass of champagne in hand. 

This 40-foot recreational tender is able to welcome up to 8 people within an openable plexiglass structure. Her look-through cockpit provides shelter when closed, while its fully opened configuration allows you to enjoy the sea air, the salt spray, and the sunshine on your face. 

The absolute holy grail of this technological gem is its unique capability to switch from the surface mode to the semi-submersible mode in just a few seconds. In the latter configuration, the trimaran’s central hull is placed 2 meters below the sea level, providing its pilot and 7 passengers with a unique view. 

A futuristic boat heavily influenced by car-design

Designed by L2Concepts, an established name in the car design, the Swordfish can evoke the lines of the 1970’s Citroen SM or the stealth aircraft, depending on the angle from which you look at it. This futuristic nautical vessel offers an outstanding level of engineering, craftsmanship, and equipment. 

Her electric motorization ensures a silent ride, while its trimaran architecture guarantees comfort and performance. This multi-hull solution, a novelty for a unit of this size, will ensure smooth navigation with the almost complete lack of roll. 

Electric ecofriendly motorization available

The electric motor and batteries are engineered to achieve amazing performances without noise or vibration, in total respect of nature. 

Her maximum speed is estimated at 40 knots, 18 knots at cruising speed, and 115 nautical miles of range at 7 knots. These incredible results can be achieved thanks to her 2x 500 kW engines and 400Kwh batteries associated with a Z transmission- drive. The Swordfish is also available in a hybrid version, featuring 2 inboard V8 petrol engines of 900HP each coupled with 2x80Kw electric motors. This hybrid technology ensures high performances, a top speed of over 50 knots, a long cruising range, and silent underwater navigation.

A responsible underwater vessel

Her objective is to offer to the yachting world the nautical vessel they were waiting for; a new kind of vessel, environmentally responsible, and with a sporty design. The partners are also committed to responsible construction: the hulls will be built in a sandwich structure with a wooden core. The builder will be the Factory Unit shipyard, a subsidiary of L2 Concept, whose expertise in concept cars and submarines will be valuable for achieving a quality beyond the yachting industry standards.

2 French actors revolutionize the rules of yachting

The project took shape thanks to 2 French actors: François-Alexandre Bertrand, president and founder of Platypus Craft, a company specializing in the design of semi-submersible boats and Alain Grandjean, president and founder of L2Concept, a design and engineering company specialized in concept cars and smalls submarines. 

It is certain that French luxury and innovation are legitimate on the international yachting scene. The two French players are aiming to offer the world a jewel which could be a new milestone in the great history of yachting.  

“The future will be written underwater”.

The partners announce several expressions of interest from the USA and Gulf countries and expect to start production in early 2021 to celebrate the World premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. 

Text, photo:
Bswan Studio

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