Superb quality, comfort, durability, innovative design, and perfect performance together make the key to the success of this Polish brand

From the very beginning, they have focused on making their brand perfectly and specialized in the production of modern motorboats from 4.9 m to 9.2 m. Each boat is built entirely by their company, from design to the final phase of water trials. They are constantly working on the perfection and innovative character of their vessels, thus gaining a strong position and reputation in the market. The range of their motorboats consists of 11 models in four series: Day Cruiser, Sun Cruiser, Open, and Adventure.


The smallest boat in the Sun Cruiser range, model 630 is extremely fast and stable, like its predecessors. The boat features excellent driving characteristics, a spacious cockpit, and a large cabin volume. In addition to the sundeck on the bow, the space for enjoyment is located in the cockpit with a great layout.


Ideal for beach-to-beach cruises, but also comfortable enough to become your home on the water over the weekend, this walkaround boat captivates at first glance with its sporty elegance. The large sunpad on the bow is a central place for socializing, besides the aft seat that can be turned into a space for swimming and sunbathing. With a comfortable cabin and head compartment, it is suitable to accommodate 9 persons.

Model 730 is comfortable enough to become your home on the water over the weekend

750 OPEN

This perfect day cruiser with an additional cabin will make your trips unforgettable. The specially designed, strong, and wide hull provides full control, and the powerful engine enables fast escapes without having to return to the port for a long time.

490 OPEN

The Atlantic Marine 490 Open is perfect for day trips along the coast, water sports, swimming, and sunbathing. It has all the advantages of an open boat: a spacious cockpit that does not hinder movement and a large bow sunpad. It is very easy to change the sun deck into a comfortable seating with a table, so it is used for both rest and dining. Extensive standard equipment is included and there is ample storage space. The high sides, as well as the reliable hull that cuts smoothly through the water, contribute to safety and stability, and the windshield on the control console protects from gusts of wind and waves. With engines from 15 to 75 hp, it can be used for various purposes. The excellent price-performance ratio makes the 490 Open a highly desirable model.

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Elko Marine

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