The goal of Luštica Bay is to create a distinct and deeply-rooted coastal town within extraordinary surroundings, where residents can become part of a diverse and warm community, creating a home around the life they want to live. Combining Montenegro’s beauty and culture with Orascom Development’s experience of cultivating environmentally-centered, luxury residential living, it provides a foundation that will grow organically for decades to come. 

“At Luštica Bay, we believe that true luxury arises from authenticity. From the development’s layout to its architecture to its day to day running, every aspect is rooted in the land and the culture to which it belongs.”

 Luštica Bay residents can become part of a diverse and warm community, creating a home around the life they want to live

A sustainable, fully-integrated destination, blending seamlessly into the unspoiled beauty of the peninsula, offering distinct neighborhoods with a variety of residences, hotels, and world-class facilities that unite tranquility and privacy, discovery and adventure. Luštica Bay unites old-world charm with cutting-edge facilities; timeless Riviera living with contemporary luxury. A dynamic waterfront town along an undiscovered and unforgettable stretch of coastline that invites you to create your vision of what life should be. 

A sustainable, fully-integrated destination, blending seamlessly into the unspoiled beauty of the peninsula

The Marina Village echoes the small fishing villages that dot the Montenegrin coastline, following tradition and placing the marina at its heart. The buildings are immersed in the landscape, feeling as if they have always been here. Traditional construction methods and finishings have been adopted with elegant forms, shuttered windows, and distressed terracotta roofs that create a timeless, Mediterranean aesthetic.

“Our way of life is imbued with authenticity, where cutting-edge facilities blend with the age-old culture of Montenegro. Traditional festivities mark the seasons and events celebrate the country’s rich arts scene, shops and boutiques promote local talent and one-of-a-kind finds, while dining draws from the fresh, local and seasonal.” 

Life on Montenegro’s coast is set in a landscape and a culture that feeds relaxation, indulgence, exploration, and exhilaration. Luštica Bay’s hotel scene reflects this with plans for seven hotels, each with its own unique take on Mediterranean living, from five-star seafront exclusivity, to a healthy-living hillside retreat, to an intimate boutique hotel. Luštica Bay residents can indulge in the variety of luxury on offer, with exclusive access and discounts on hotel dining, spas, events, and facilities. 

“While Luštica Bay has already set itself apart as a Riviera destination, there is still so much more to come. During the past year, we have been preparing the concept design for our second Marina Village hotel. The details are strictly under wraps but the five-star hotel will become a special addition to Luštica Bay. Along with superb facilities, it will offer more than 200 rooms -condominium units that are planned to be available through the Citizenship by Investment Programme released last year by the Montenegrin Government”.

“Beyond the Marina Village, Luštica Bay is expanding. We have entered the second phase of construction of our second neighbourhood of Centrale. Set to be the new town centre for Luštica Bay, it will have its own unique character: a cosmopolitan hub, a residential haven and a gathering space for the whole community. Residential buildings will sit side by side with commercial buildings, communal piazzas, courtyards and parks. We have already completed the first two apartment buildings and are intensively working on the next set of residences. Aiming to blend with the vernacular of the nearby towns of Radovici and Gosici, the buildings unite traditional architectural details with Luštica’s fresh coastal elegance. In conjunction with this work we have been completing the road network surrounding Centrale, providing direct links with the existing roads of Radovici and Gosici”.


Luštica Bay is set to become one of the exciting golf destinations in Europe. The key preparations for the upcoming Gary Player-designed championship golf course are already underway. While construction of the 18-hole golf course is in progress, golfers can use Luštica Bay’s driving range with its spectacular views overlooking the bay.

Luštica Bay is set to become one of the exciting golf destinations in Europe

Vistas are preserved in all their glory, with every hole offering views in all directions, from the Adriatic in the south to the UNESCO heritage site of Boka Bay in the north. Working with the natural slopes, plateaus, and lush greenery of the landscape, the course is set to be a thrilling combination of carefully placed bunkers, native terrain, and manicured greens to suit all levels of golfer.

“Our golf residential village is the other major area of Luštica Bay due to emerging in the next few years. We are now in the planning stage for our exclusive golf residences which will offer breathtaking views to the mountains and the bay and will provide keen golfers instant access to the course”. 

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