The new D600 rigid bottom inflatable boat sets groundbreaking guidelines in the product range of Ukrainian manufacturer Grand Boats

The first of its kind was designed based on feedback from previous customers and the design team at Grand Square and is distinguished primarily by very good naval properties due to its deep V hull at the front, which is why the stern is raised.


The D600 is part of the new Drive Line range of rigid hull inflatables. The Ukrainians point out that the whole line features exceptional stability, excellent maneuverability, comfort, and convenience, which is combined with a very attractive modular sports design. In fact, it is modularity that offers users new features and unique functions. Namely, the possibility of changing the deck to meet the requirements of the users is the cornerstone of the new line because the vessel can be used for a variety of purposes such as charter, taxi transportation to an island, tourist sightseeing, and even as an ambulance.

Of course, fans of recreation, speed, and activity at sea are not neglected. They will surely like the hull design and deck layout, which includes an extended aft area with more space in it, a strong pole to tow the skiers, and the ability to create a large sundeck (Lux version). Thanks to its 6.12 m length and well-designed deck layout, the new D600 can safely and comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers.

The basic model weighs 596 kg and it can carry cargo or persons of a total weight of 1110 kg. The tubes consist of 5 chambers, which provides additional safety in case of damage, and it is worth pointing out that they are manufactured from Neopren Hypalon Orca 828 material. The Grand Shipyard also offers a choice of customized colors (Arctic Gray, Black, Ice White…), with a recommended power of 130 HP. The stern can hold a maximum power of 150 HP, weighing less than 250 kg.

The possibility of changing the deck to meet the requirements of the users


The D600 inflatable is available in three versions: Lux, Active, and Drive. With a detachable aft platform, the Lux version is designed for relaxation and family trips to nearby islands. It is also the right choice for anyone who wants to spend quality time with family or friends.

The Active model differs from the Lux in the drivers and co-drivers seats. While the Lux version has a bench-like control space, the Active has two upright seats. Also, there is a significant difference in the aft bench space, which does not allow for expansion to the sunbathing platform. This version is recommended for all adrenaline water sports enthusiasts.

The Drive model is exclusively designed for passenger transportation. For those purposes, it can be used by those who offer sea-taxi services to islands, or for various tours.  The Drive will not have the option of extending the sunbathing platform, the main steering wheel console will be moved aftwards, with five comfortable seats in front of the console.

The general importer for the Adriatic region is Moto-Nautika from Miklavž near Maribor. You can visit the website for detailed information, and an overview of additional offers and supplies, at

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