Here’s some good nautical news in the Corona crisis! Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Surija from Porec is the first to have stimulating and innovative additional services in its boat and yacht insurance. These are two free services of particular importance during the corona virus pandemic :

  1. Overview of the boat

They offer shipowners who, due to movement restrictions, couldn’t arrive their own boats, the possibility to inspect their boat on berth at their request: how the ship is tied up, whether the fenders are properly installed, is everything else on deck okay… This way, the owners get a brief report and some photos. This service is free of charge. If owners ask for more information about their boat, we can do the same, for example, interior inspection, engine ignition, ventilation, battery charging, etc.

  1. Full-blooded marine assistance with EmergenSea

When you are already embarking on a cruise, and we are convinced that it will be soon, another, equally important news is – free assistance at sea. Namely, with the Casco policy, they donate the EmergenSea Standard Assistance Package for 2020! Why are we talking about “full-blooded” marine assistance, what’s the difference? Some offer free marine assistance that includes very few services, and PYI offers the richest assistance package from the renowned EmergenSea company. Otherwise, EmergenSea has 21 Adriatic bases with Slovenia and Montenegro, 12 years of experience, and most importantly, during this time they have proven themselves as reliable partners in rescuing PYI policyholders. The collaboration began in 2008, and closer cooperation between those two companies began in 2016 when it was agreed that all PYI policyholders would receive a 30 percent discount on EmergenSea’s services.

ES full-blooded assistance services include: towing up to 10 nm, escorting vessels up to 10 nm, the introduction of the vessel to the berth, easier refloating, diving up to 30 minutes, delivery of fuel or parts, transfer up to two passengers.
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The only condition for this free assistance is the payment of the Casco insurance policy and the non-commercial use of the boat.

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