Perfect Solution for Smaller Boats and Yachts

For all those who build new vessels, Sinclair has a simple air conditioning solution. Likewise, for those who have a yacht and have not settled on the issue of air conditioning in the process of building, Sinclair heat pumps are the ideal solution for both heating and cooling. They feature a compact design and their construction is such that they take up little space, are easy to install, have a high level of utilization and provide a comfortable space in which they are used.

”Boat” series heat pumps are available in a wide range of capacities, whether used in marine or freshwater vessels. The pumps operate with the use of seawater or f and with the use of eco-gas L 410 A. They effectively cool the air when the water temperature is below 35°C, and effectively heat when the water temperature is above 4.4°C.

The pumps are made of top of the range stainless materials, using high-quality insulation materials. They are delivered with cord or remote controls.

Layout of the installation

There are 6 models available: ASB-05A, ASB-09A, ASB-12A, ASB-16A, ASB-20A, ASB-24A with basic features:

  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
    Airflow volume from 320 to 950 m3 / h
  • Noise level: 58 – 62 dB
    Cooling / heating capacity ranges from 1.10 / 1.40 to 6.40 / 6.55 KW

Cooling capacity stated above was measured under the following conditions:

  • Indoor condition: 27° CDB / 19.5° CWB
  • Water inlet: Temp. 25° C, temp. water difference 5° C, pressure 0 Pa.

The above heating capacity has been measured under the following conditions:

  • Indoor condition: 20° CDB / 15° CVB;
  • Water inlet: Temp. 15° C, water flow equals cooling function test, pressure 0 Pa.

Installed power ranges from 560/530 W for the smallest ASB-05A, to 1450/1700 W for the ASB-24A model.

Digitron Ist has for many years been providing air-conditioning for passenger and cargo ships to the satisfaction of their users.

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