Mr. Porter and Roger Dubuis collaborate on an exclusive one-of-a-kind timepiece and experience

ROGER DUBUIS is renowned for being a serial innovator. Its fearless spirit unleashed creativity and determination to live life to the fullest result in off-the-radar hyper horology.

Built-in collaboration between ROGER DUBUIS and high-performance tire manufacturer Pirelli, the one-of-a-kind piece houses a double flying tourbillon with differential a 52-hours power reserve 47mm titanium DLC case. The strap is based upon a brand-new PIRELLI tire pattern created for ice tracks with steel nail inserted throughout.

To complement the purchase of this unique timepiece, ROGER DUBUIS CEO, Mr. Nicola Andreatta, will personally deliver the watch to its owner, who will be treated to an exclusive Lamborghini ice-driving trip throughout the Italian Alps. MR PORTER and ROGER DUBUIS collaborated similarly last October on a unique Excalibur Aventador S timepiece, which also featured a one-of-a-kind driving and manufacturing experience in the Jura Mountains.

“We want to be in charge of our lives and be able to choose from. We want and need to live larger than life, to enjoy unique moments of pleasure. We want to fill our senses and our memories through the discovery of rare beauty and incredible experiences. MR PORTER and ROGER DUBUIS open doors to this avant-garde, bold and singular way of life. Our daring and rare timepieces embrace the expressive and contemporary world. This is the most exciting way to experience hyper horology!”

Mr Nicola Andreatta, CEO, ROGER DUBUIS

We’re delighted to be working with ROGER DUBUIS again on our second unique timepiece. The maison’s modern approach to watchmaking tied to one-of-a-kind experiences and pursuits lends itself well to our global customer base and luxury watch and automotive enthusiasts alike. We’re also thrilled to offer the owner personal delivery of the watch by Nicola Andreatta himself, along with the opportunity to experience a Lamborghini ice-driving experience in the Italian alps.”

Ms Fiona Firth, Buying Director, MR PORTER
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