Imagine a scene – endless sea, dusk, a white catamaran sailing towards the sunset, and you on board.

If you carry love of the sea and waves inside you, if you feel that there is no prettier sight than the sails full of wind that carry everything under them, and if you are a hopeless romantic and a true enthusiast of life on board, the Lagoon 46 vessel is simply made for you.

Designed in accordance with all the standards that the latest generation of catamarans applies, with the hull lines flowing from soft to sharp turns in order to create a sense of complete stability and spaciousness, the new model of this renowned shipyard is perfect for a long family cruise.

Over the three decades of the brand history, a constant quest for technological innovations, as well as the effort to contribute in every possible way to performance improvement, have together created a vessel of exceptional characteristics, which make her top-of-the-range.

The mast mounted further aft lowered the length of the carrier, increased the diameter of the main sail, thus improving its efficiency, while central positioning of the weight of the boat limited the tilt and greatly facilitated movement.

The deck, from which you will be able to have a 360-degree view of the horizon, has a large bow with excellently positioned spots for relaxing and enjoying all the benefits of the summer. The flybridge has a dual function, since it features a modular sunpad and the helm station, and the cockpit and salon are seamlessly connected thus creating a comfortable area where most of the activities are organised.

A lot of benches, comfortable seating elements, an outdoor section located aft, a galley that is at the border between the outdoor and the covered part of the boat, so it can be accessed from both sides, as well as modular tables, a fully equipped living room and another helm station placed at the rear of the deck clearly indicate that the designers had in mind only one thing – to make your stay on the waves the best experience in your life.


Even though the vessel looks rather simple and unpretentious on the outside, after descending to the lower deck you will surely be overwhelmed, since luxury is more than obvious at every step. As many as four suites with separate bathrooms, decorated in the classic Mediterranean style, spread over 40m2 and they exude warmth and homely feeling. 

More than comfortable beds and sofas, desks, plenty of shelves, spacious toilets with glass shower cabins, all made of high quality materials, speak of the immeasurable love and effort of the creators of this timeless boat, of their efforts to shatter prejudice that in the long run life on the water cannot be as pleasant as on dry land.

Boaters say that catamaran is a perfect natural bridge between the mainland and the sea, something like that delicate moment when you are falling asleep and entering the world of dreams that is the fruit of your own imagination. A single experience was enough for us to confirm this claim and to wish for a new adventure to come as soon as possible.

Technical data:

Overall length: 13.99 m
Beam: 7.96 m
Displacement: 16.6 t
Engines: 2 x 45/2 x 57 CV
Fuel tank: 2 x 520
Water tank: 2 x 300 l
Sail area: 140.1 m2

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