Yachts – RIVA 90′ ARGO

Masterpiece on the water

If you are looking for a new status symbol in the form of a yacht that exudes exclusivity and elegance, and determined to spend this and every following summer on the open seas, enjoying it with style, then Riva Shipyard is proud to present its new gem, 90′ Argo, that will fully meet all your wishes and needs.

A somewhat futuristic design, a name reminiscent of a legend and an impressive array of high-tech solutions have classified this nautical creation as purely exotic, captivating and threatening to be highly positioned in the global yacht world.

With its sides defined by fluid sports lines and contrast of colors that make the design very distinctive, Argo has the reputation of a modern vessel shaped by notions of freedom, trend and power.

As a result of a hundred years of experience and impeccable tradition, this Riva’s descendant also features some of the key elements of the shipyard that represent its mark and seal. There is an abundance of wooden surfaces, made of mahogany as well as a mix of other types of wood of fine and carefully selected textures and colors, to which, like in the old days, 24 coats of paint are applied in order to obtain a perfectly waterproof hull resistant to water and salt.

The creators of this superyacht strived to achieve perfect harmony and coherence in style between the exterior and interior, therefore the central deck of the yacht and the lower deck exude sophisticated solutions imbued with warmth and minimalist design. 

The saloon deck is visually divided into two parts – the living room and the dining room, surrounded by large panel windows that will remind you of a real New York penthouse, and the dynamics and effect of the mirrors are the two key elements on which the whole design of this living space is based.

The hardtop covered aft area is designed as a platform for evening entertainment, but also a perfect spot for all-day relaxation, as the table with spacious benches transforms into an irresistible soft sunpad in just two moves.

The bow, as the place with the best view, is reserved for moments of peace and solitude, and just a few steps above is more than a spacious flybridge you will never want to leave. The comfortable sun balcony includes an open bar, a dining room set in the open sky, a well-organized control station and a summer corner area, where you will feel as if you were living among the clouds.

Five luxury suites will allow you to take your loved ones for a journey over the blue expanses and forget about any home other than this floating one. The rooms are equipped with high beds, bedside tables, walk-in closets, private deluxe bathrooms, and a work area.

The Argo has some unusual elements such as the hidden staircase that the model inherited from her predecessor, the Riva 56 Rivale, and an extremely large tender garage that can nicely house a Williams 395 RIB watercraft and a jet ski.

If you decide to buy this modern boat, you should keep in mind that three MTU engine options are available, that optimal cruising is performed within the range from 22 to 26 knots, while the greatest excitement will be driving at a maximum speed of 30 knots.

The Product Strategy Company of this renowned shipyard has committed itself to optimizing the aerodynamic qualities of the vessel and further securing the hull to ensure maximum safety and comfortable navigation experience at all times, even at top speeds.

CEO of Ferretti Group, Alberto Gallasi, who is behind the realization of this marine project, explained on one occasion the philosophy behind the name of the vessel: “We named it after Argo, which was the ship of the famous Argonauts and the first vessel to sail the seas.” That was more than enough to conclude that this proud Riva representative was created solely for those who believe they are irreplaceable, unique and a bit untouchable.

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