Yachts – MIMI LIBECCIO 13.5

Blend of Elegance and Innovation

The Mimi Libeccio 13.5 retro yacht is designed for short trips to magical sea bays and exciting European ports.

An interesting combination of elegance and nautical innovation has created a unique model with environmental awareness, since the boat is epoxy coated and vacuum infused in order to prevent emission of toxic substances into the environment. Also, its fiberglass hull obtained by a special method of construction will reduce the overall weight of the watercraft and enable the use of engines with less power.

An invaluable old teak deck, a large rounded platform, an intriguing and slightly chic blend of modern and nostalgic features, as well as a fully enclosed salon and cabin sector are the characteristics that distinguish this vessel.

As with most yachts, the bow has been transformed into a comfortable platform with a sunpad and a sofa that can be accessed on either side of the boat, and fine maroon upholstery highlights the mahogany elements in the best possible way, with an overall look that is a reminiscence of the old norms and style.

Depending on the owner’s preferences, the vessel can have two or three cabins, one of which is furnished with a double bed and the other with two separate berths. The third cabin can optionally be converted into a galley and dining room thanks to a double partition system.

The bedrooms, quite spacious for this class of boats, will provide all the comfort you need, including comfortable beds, natural light and storage compartments, and there are also two private bathrooms with separate showers. In addition, it should be noted that the Libeccio 13.5 is equipped not only with a large indoor kitchenette but also with an outdoor one.

Details such as gas cooker, enclosed refrigerator, battery charger, water heater, LCD TV and many other details will make the vessel very functional and suitable for both short and longer voyages and life below deck.

The boat is powered by two 3780-horsepower Yanmar engines that allow the boat to reach a top speed of 30 knots.

This boat is designed to meet the needs of the most experienced boaters, to satisfy all the demands of crew members, to combine in an interesting way the sense of good taste and elegance with the liveliness and comfort of the most modern boats. These characteristics are what makes this Mimi Libeccio an irreplaceable and somewhat irresistible watercraft.

Technical data:
Overall length: 13.5 m
Beam: 4.1 m
Displacement: 10 t
Fuel tank: 1.000 l
Water tank: 500 l
Capacity: 14 persons
Maximum speed: 30 knots
Engine: 2×370 hp

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