Yachts – Sanlorenzo Is Coming to Our Part of the World!

Near Florence, back in 1958, two enthusiasts set up a shipyard that would become synonymous with the prestigious watercraft abundant in unrivaled Italian charm. For six decades, the famous Sanlorenzo has been building and launching motor yachts of the highest quality, tailored to requirements and demands of each individual client.

Recognized for its timeless elegance and beauty, unobtrusive lines and refined luxury, the Sanlorenzo fleet is made up exclusively of fine-finish vessels woven with modern technological equipment. Their creators take particular pride in the fact that each boat is truly unique.

An extremely exciting, a bit troublesome and bumpy development path has created a renowned shipbuilding brand with four production facilities, a research and development center for new models, and innovations that have brought a touch of revolutionary change to the world of yachting. It was Sanlorenzo that in the most beautiful way combined the domain of art and navigation, through cooperation with some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and cultural institutions.

The impressive 27-meter-long SX88 is the first in the series of models that the shipyard is particularly proud of, embodying the unmistakable style, original and smart solutions, and a seductively modern breath-taking silhouette.

The vessel labeled SD96 is one of those motor yachts faithful to tradition and heritage, but at the same time bold and ready to go beyond boundaries of the known and set off into the sea of innovative ideas and solutions. The approach to interior design is actually what makes it most distinctive.

Sanlorenzo SL 102 is said to be the first asymmetrical yacht in the world, designed to provide more usable surface on the main deck with this bold step in design, giving the whole crew and guests more efficient access to the interior of the boat.

There is also the spectacular cruiser 64 Steel Atilla, the most prestigious model of this Italian brand, rich in volume, spaciousness, as well as brilliant practical solutions. It was this model that forced the creative Sanlorenzo team to set a precedent for the exterior and integrate life aboard two main decks in an extremely interesting way.

Recognizing Sanlorenzo as a shipyard that is unjustifiably underrepresented in southern central Europe, two nautical experts – Franz Schillinger (Master Yachting) and Stephan Kohl (Icon Yachting) decided to unite and become a solid bond between this part of the world and the famous brand.

Franz Schilinger and Stephan Kohl

The love of navigation and watercraft that represent the dream of every true seafarer encouraged them to offer to the like-minded people from this region famous high-quality boats that are no doubt bigger and more stable than the current nautical trends, and to please them with the offer of vessels that are starting to count as modern-day classics.

Thanks to this optimistic collaboration, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia have got their exclusive Sanlorenzo ambassador based in Zagreb, while planning to set up sales centers in Split, but also somewhere along the Montenegrin coast in the near future.

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