Yachts – Apreamare 35: Looking Forward to Next Summer

It is a well known fact that in the nautical world, any change is seen as a sort of a necessary peril. Sailors love their routines, their vessels, their sense of knowing the waters and do not think fondly of the ‘waves’ that the novelties bring.

Apreamare Shipyard knows best the character of its customers and gives designers only as much freedom as it is truly necessary. For many generations, their vessels have managed to remain clearly distinctive and different in the field of visual identity, advanced and cutting-edge in the field of technology, and at the same time fully committed to keeping the soul of the vessel hidden in the hull skeleton, which nevertheless remains unique and unchanged.

The Apreamare 35 is therefore essentially nothing more than a new version of the Gozzo Sorrentino model, packed in a new uniform and more contemporary context, adapted to the momentum we live in. However, the fact does not make the boat any less seductive and compelling.

The boat’s famous rounded exterior contours feature completely free-flowing lines, sophisticated elements and details, accompanied by a great harmony of colors. In terms of aesthetics, no other brand seems to be so adept at handling the concept of simplicity, firmly believing in the famous moto “less is more”, so you will find yourself in a situation where this seemingly basic vessel, without any unnecessary detail, will completely and unexpectedly leave you breathless.

The central point of the yacht is certainly the cockpit, mounted on the distinctive Apreamare hull that is signed by the now famous Marine Design Studio. It is approached from both sides, equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions and devices, while a unique detail that adorns this model is an adjustable hardtop that can be retractable (optional).

In front of the windshield there is a comfortable bow sunpad, big enough for two persons, while a comfortable seating area is located aft, divided by the backrests into a seating part and another set of sunpads. There is also an adjustable table, many partitions, and a TV screen, which is an extremely unusual extra.

Below the deck there are two comfortable double-berth cabins, interesting and practical wall shelves, night light, as well as a number of drawers and cabinets, a small galley and a bathroom with a glass partition separating the shower.

This new version of the Apreamare boat will have her premiere in the spring of 2020, at the right time to be a herald of all the joy that awaits you next summer. As for the drive, the boat is characterized by the possibility of installing two different types of engine, as well as the choice of one engine or hybrid power.

Classical design enthusiasts who are inspired and delighted by the love of the sea and the vast blue expanse, will immediately recognize this Italian brand as the best loyal and like-minded accomplice. In a nutshell, Apreamare labeled 35 was created, like all her predecessors, for navigation, because nothing less is acceptable, and anything more than that is completely unnecessary.

Technical data:

  • Overall length: 11.1 m
  • Beam: 3.4 m
  • Displacement: 7 t
  • Capacity: 10 persons
  • Fuel tank: 900 l
  • Water tank: 200 l
  • Maximum speed: 30 knots
  • Engine: VOLVOPENTA D6-330 DPH power 330 mhp / 243 kW at 3500 rpm
  • VOLVOPENTA D3-200 DPS power 200 mhp / 147 kW at 4000 rpm
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