Efel Nautic

“During the development of the company, customer satisfaction has been our imperative, and providing the highest level and quality of service is a major principle of business. These postulates remained something we insist on after 2015, when we entered in the nautical world and became the general representative of the French brand Zodiac, one of the oldest manufacturers of RIB, for Montenegro, Serbia and Albania.

Shortly thereafter, we collaborated with the Italian brand Cantieri Capelli, which, in addition to rubber vessels, also has rigid trough vessels, and at the end of 2018, when we cooperated with the Ranieri International and Zar Formenti brands, our offer became richer in the products of two other Italian brands.

German brand Bavaria Yachts, with its luxury sailing boats, became a new member of our family in 2019, when we decided to single out nautics as a separate entity and to found Efel Nautic.

In an effort to provide the most complete service to our clients in this segment of business, we have opened an office in Lustica Bay Marina, where besides the purchase of products from the nautical program, you can also arrange boat rentals, charter, yacht agencies and organize winter holidays and services.”

More: https://efelnautic.com/

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