“Lovćen Osiguranje AD” is the first insurance company in Montenegro with the longest tradition in insurance, and by the collected premium, capital and market share it is also the leading insurance company in this region.

The Company starts its operations in 1978, when Montenegro gets its first insurance company ZOIL “Lovćen”. For 38 years, covering the territory of the Republic of Montenegro with insurance, “Lovćen” has existed in various transformed forms: as ZOIL “Lovćen” until 1991, when it was transformed into Joint Stock Company “Lovćen” osiguranje DD, and at the General Meeting held in 1997 it became Joint-stock company “Lovćen” Insurance AD, and it remains to this day.

“Lovćen Osiguranje” is a member of the Triglav Group, the largest financial and insurance group in Southeast Europe, operating in six countries and seven markets, employing 5,400 people.

“Lovćen” Insurance, together with the companies “Lovćen” Life Insurance and “Lovćen” Auto, forms the “Lovćen” Group. Headquartered in Podgorica, the “Lovćen” Group provides its clients with insurance coverage for all types of non-life and life insurance, with the help of more than 370 employees at over 40 sales outlets across Montenegro.

More: http://www.lo.co.me/

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