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Pirelli 1900: Attractive, aggressive and flawless

18.5 meters long; 5 meters wide; 16 tonne displacement. These are the highlights of the maxi-rib Pirelli 1900 that represents an important milestone in the renewed collaboration between Tecnorib and Pirelli, for which the Lombardy-based company has been licensee for over ten years now. Like the Pirelli 1400, one of Tecnorib’s great successes on the […]

Capelli Tempest 570: Exciting Summer on Water

EVO Yacht 43 HT: Speed boat with Plenty of Exclusive Details!

Innovative solutions have found their place with the EVO 43 HT model. This vessel is a synonym for a step further. It features interesting details and mobile parts that can easily and precisely transform into a different shape and larger surface. EVO 43 HT is a nautical hit with revolutionary solutions and a successful use […]

Capelli Tempest 570: Exciting Summer on Water