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Balša Garčević: I find design inspiration in the boring repetition that has been present in the nautical world for years

Sometimes love is born suddenly and defines us for lifetime. The summer that Balša Garčević, renowned and successful graphic designer from Belgrade, spent on the deck listening to the rhythm of the waves hitting against the hull of a sailing boat changed him forever. It was a reminder that freedom is a matter of choice, […]

Anđelka Radojević: From idea to realization it is a long way!

With her bold and self-confident work, young and charming artist Anđelka Radojević has built her admirable career, patiently as befits an excellent mosaic artist, and shown that “painting in stone” is a form that attracts public attention worldwide. Impressive works, created by skilled and fine processing of material that symbolizes eternity, have embellished numerous private […]

Miona Badžević Anđelković: Extreme Sports Increasingly Popular with Women!

Jet Surf, a motorized power board water sport that requires skill and ability to control high speed boards, has gained great popularity and application not only in recreational terms, but also among racers for the slalom race. Extraordinary maneuvering capabilities, robustness, stability and speed determine a special dynamics and driving style, completely consistent and perfectly […]